Misty Copeland: Affect Image And Body Shape Of A Ballerina

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The purpose of this project is to show that Misty Copeland is changing the way the ballet world defines the correct image and body shape of a ballerina. Copeland does not fit the stereotype of ballerina: she is 5’2, has really defined muscles, has bust, and is African American. She started ballet at the age of 13, late for a dancer, but her pure talent made her into a prodigy. Misty Copeland really set out to become a professional ballerina, regardless of her ethnicity and body shape, she pushed through the obstacles that were set in front of her because she did not have the correct body shape and was not white. She is part of the American Ballet Theater (ABT) and is renowned because she is one of their first African American soloist, and is …show more content…
This project will inform readers on how Copeland is breaking the rigid racial barriers in classical ballet. Race is a group of persons related by common heredity or descent. Certain features, characteristics, and labels are associated with race. For African Americans, like Copeland, those features, characteristics, and labels, are negatively applied for a ballerina. Copeland is a dancer of color, and in her early years of being a dancer, she experienced racism like no other minority in the ballet world had experienced. Pushing forward through the hard times has increased the diversification in ballet, and has motivated many other minorities, like young African American girls, to join classical ballet. Copeland is changing the uniformity that the ballet world has, and allowing for …show more content…
Copeland defies that stereotype, not fitting the body image of a perfect ballerina. She was not able to share the leotards of other ballerinas because she had hips and breasts, singling her out from everyone else. Copeland knew she had to end up feeling comfortable in her own skin because her body was not a project that constantly needed fixing. Copeland started to embrace her body image, and continued dancing, attempting to change the way people thought the perfect ballerina dancer is supposed to look like.
This project will help me understand how one person, Misty Copeland, who does not appropriately fit in, can be a positive figure to society. Even if she is affecting society tremendously, I can personally be affected by her as well. As a student, I will be able to use her as an example in my life, and a good role model to keep pushing for things I really want to do and love, no matter what other have perceived of me. The ways that Copeland overcame her tough obstacles, can help as a motivation in the presence of negative situations.
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