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  • Essay On John Snow's Map

    which caused rows of black rectangular lines on some streets like Broad Street. The water pumps were depicted by a black dot and inscription that said “Pump.” The centrality of the map was where most of the deaths were located. This portrayed one of the most significant parts of the map. The places of the deaths and water pumps described the close proximity people lived in regards to the water pumps. The cartographer ended the map where there was no more deaths from Cholera to record. The 578 deaths were recorded on the map. The most deaths were in the center of the map and more deaths recorded on the left side of the city than the right side. This depicted that most of the deaths occurred in the west side of Soho District than the east side. The map was in the Soho District in London. The color of the map is simple with black and white. It lacks decorative features, which heightens its scientific appeal. The accuracy of the map pertaining to the location of the deaths revealed the authority of the map.The map uncovered the area where most of the deaths occurred, which in return gave the knowledge to see what was causing the deaths. The constructing of the map needed necessary items such as the data of the deaths, the place of the death, and the locations of the water pumps. All of these items exemplified the accuracy of the map. According to J.B Harley in The New Nature of Maps Essays in the History of Cartography, “The accuracy of maps consists of mirroring their…

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  • Analysis Of Gentrification In The South Bronx And The Soho Effect By Roman Mars

    In the readings Bracing for gentrification in the South Bronx by and “The SoHo Effect” by Roman Mars. They both talk about gentrification and how it affects permanent residents. Gentrification is used to describe the arrival of wealthier people to an urban district, which relates to increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district character and culture. Gentrification is often used negatively because it has often led to displacement of the poor and establishment of the rich.…

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  • What Makes Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

    Name: Julio Garcia Class: INTA 1110 GTID: 903178053 “Trump triumphs” is the main title in the New York Times article on 11/9/2016. Previous articles from the New York Times and many other influencing newspapers such as The Washington Post, were criticizing Donald Trump and erroneously predicting his defeat in this year election while supporting Hilary Clinton. Their arguments were mainly that Donald Trump was not fit to be president due to his controversial persona and presented strong…

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  • Youth Violence: The Influence Of Violence In The Media

    Trump has a Bachelor of Science in Economics/ Real Estate from Wharton School of Finance from University of Pennsylvania. He attended Fordham University, but did not finish. Donald Trump has no type of political experience. He has professional experience which consists of Founder, Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer of the Trump Organization from 1975 to present and Chairman of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts Incorporated. It’s great to know that Donald Trump knows how to make money,…

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  • Ethical Values Of Alice Walker By Alice Walker

    discrimination, and sexual profiling; these certain things are common in these areas, yet it is not to say that they only exist here. Problems like this can exist in prosperous neighborhoods. For example, a child that is born into a wealthy family or community can begin to form an idea and think he is superior. He would start to believe that other groups are inferior; they are not capable, healthy, intelligent enough. Situations like these build problems in society. Wars arise from these kinds…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Donald Trump

    candidates, Donald Trump was never thought to be running to lead our country. Trump is most commonly known as the very successful businessman who has made billions of dollars in his lifetime. He is also known for being extremely outspoken, and opinionated. Although, I don’t believe he would be the best option for our country due to his fearlessness when it comes to offending people and could even potentially chose the wrong words ruining our relationships with other countries. I am aware that…

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  • Donald Trump Personality Traits

    Donald J. Trump Being the president of the United States is a very critical job. Even though any American citizen can run for presidency, the candidate has to win people’s votes with their traits. Important traits all great presidents need, include: a professional appearance, trustworthiness, and be goal and achievement oriented. Donald Trump proves to be a likeable candidate because he possesses two of these traits: a professional appearance and goal and achievement oriented. As a child,…

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  • Reflective Essay On Preparing My Vote For Hilary Clinton

    many personal life choices that have come together to form a base of my political views. In the 2016, election I voted for Hilary Clinton. Although majority of this vote choice came from both my parents being democratic and the environment in which I live in, I can also say that a significant part came from the way I want to live my life. The values that Hilary Clinton ran on were more in aligned with what I believe than another candidate. One thing that was particularly important for me to…

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  • Hillbilly Elegy And The 2016 Presidential Election

    Hillbilly Elegy And how it is related to the 2016 Presidential Election In August 2016 and January 2017, Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture Crisis reached the top of The New York Times Best Seller list. It is also listed in the 6 books to help understand Trump’s win. Journalists believe that the world of hillbillies that is described through Vance’s eyes analyze how Trump gets the support of the majority of the white middle and lower class. Indeed, Hillbilly Elegy indirectly…

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  • Robert Herjavec: A Successful Entrepreneur

    Robert Herjavec As well seen robert is a famous person from the show shark tank but as well as being a successful person on tv he is also a very successful entrepreneur. Also being a success in the business world he is a success from another nation. After his father and escapee from a prison in zbjeg croatia came to halifax at a young age of 8 years old. After he made it to halifax his mother remembered she knew someone in toronto they went there and lived in their basement for 18 months. When…

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