Trump International Hotel and Tower

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  • Never Trump Persuasive Essay

    I remember when Donald Trump first announced his political run for office. He built his campaign on the slogan: We’re going to Make America Great Again, “reinforced” by his bold claim of “building a wall”. When Trump got down into the weeds with Megyn Kelly during the first Fox News Republican debate, I sensed Donald Trump was a proud and arrogant man. I went on my own campaign against him; making phone calls, writing emails, calling news agencies and talk shows, posting madly to Facebook — whatever I could do to try to stop a really bad person from wrecking the Republican Party and damaging the nation. NeverTrump was my obsession, but it was, at that time, merely political for me. Yet — even then — something else was bothering me. We all…

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  • The Antichrist-Trump Profile Match

    Antichrist-Trump Profile Matches 1.) The Antichrist is extremely prideful, so is Trump 2.) The Antichrist is extremely boastful. So is Trump 3.) The Antichrist is full of deceit and lies. So is Trump. 4.) The Antichrist is full of flattery. So is Trump. 5.) The Antichrist is a schemer, plotter, secret deal maker. So is Trump. 6.) The Antichrist is slanderous. So is Trump. (Psalm 50:20) 7.) The Antichrist is hateful. So is Trump. 8.) The Antichrist puts on a false show of religion. So does…

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  • Make America Hate Again Essay

    Donald Trump, however, is publically known for being a businessman and a reality television star, which means his political experience is very slim. Politicians are most definitely educated and are charismatic, but this is not the case for Trump. Donald Trump has no idea what the job of being President entails. For being publically known for using the phrase, “You’re Fired!” it is very contradicting of him to promise to the American citizens that he will bring jobs back. Aside from that, he…

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  • Analyzing Donald Trump's Immigration Reform

    Donald Trump and Immigration Donald Trump is truly a household name. If you know who Donald Trump is, then you also know how strongly he feels about immigrants. In my opinion, people don’t feel neutral towards Trump. They either despise him, or love him. For my sources I chose a scholarly article related to Trump and immigration, a biography on Trump, and Trump’s immigration reform from his website. In this paper I will address some of Trump’s business success, talk about how he feels about…

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  • Donald Trump: America's Greatest Threat

    Donald Trump: America’s Greatest Threat Since its inception, the United States has relied solely upon its people to make the decisions that would influence the course of its political climate. One of the most influential of these decisions is the presidential election in which the people spend months deciding who should lead the country in a new direction. Each election brings about a new event subject to controversy, a unique political revolution, and an electrifying candidate or two. This…

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  • The Physics Of Skyscrapers

    It stands 1,454 feet 443.2 m tall in the air and has 102 floors. It is the 20th tallest building today. After one year the American International Building was finished in 1932 it takes two years to complete. It is now known as 70 Pine Street after renamed. Today it is the 89th tallest between world’s skyscrapers and stands at 290 m in height with 67 floors. In 1933 the GE Building was completed with 70 floors and 260 m tall .It is the 164th tallest building in the world also it is the…

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  • Donald J Trump Compare And Contrast

    Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump are keeping the American people on the edge of their seats because of the conflicts and similarities between them. It is during Hillary Clinton 's and Donald J. Trump 's rallies, the three debates, and their social media sites that they both show their words and actions that have been taking place in the course of the campaign and prior to the campaign trails. Clinton is the United States democratic presidential candidate, and Trump is the republican…

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  • A Short Story: A Partnership Is Formed?

    tree provides shade for your enjoyment. Mike chose to run the empire and I chose to retire. Whenever I speak to groups of people, they often ask what I would recommend or what could they do? "How do they get started?" "Is there a good book I would recommend?" "What should they do to prepare their children?" "What is the secret to success?" "How do I make millions?" I am always reminded of this article I was once given. It goes as follows. THE RICHEST BUSINESSMEN In 1923 a group of our greatest…

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