Donald Trump Thesis

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Cody Hayes-Tyler
English 1301
Mr. Hale

Donald Trump

When friends of mine who are trump supporters inform me that they support him, I understand the reasons they picture him as our future president of the united states. Donald Trump has never been an elected official. He has never held elected office of any kind. He’s never had to broker political compromise, give political speeches or pour over political briefing notes. So why on earth, with no experience in politics, would people think he’d make a good president? Sure, Donald Trump is a shameless self promoter and experienced businessman. But Washington, D.C., is not Wall Street, and getting things done in the nation’s capital takes more than a big personality and strong will.
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How can you possibly trust someone in the White House who has that kind of mentality? Someone who thinks that where our military is concerned, his word should be law no matter what he orders them to do in America or overseas? That seems like a dictator’s mentality and as a people who live in a Constitutional Republic, it’s not something we should be willing to tolerate in a President especially someone as reckless as he is. Donald Trump is a type of individual who has desire, and the spirit to pursue things that he has yet to possess, and that is the reason he has a lengthy history of multiple bankruptcies. From gambling in Atlantic City to professional wrestling and beauty pageants, Donald Trump’s many business ventures have always been questionable—which may help to explain the four bankruptcies. There have even been accusations leveled at Donald Trump (none proven) that he has been involved with the Mafia over the years. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Cay Johnston and investigative journalist Wayne Barrett wrote an unauthorized …show more content…
Could anyone see Jimmy Carter doing the same? He has a history of making decisions blindly without caring for the consequences that follow the choice that he has made, mainly because of his impulsive nature. There’s a saying that “a president is only as good as his advisors.” But who would, and could, advise Donald Trump? After all, this is the man whose catchphrase is “You’re fired!” Having run his own empire for nearly 40 years, Donald Trump is used to doing as he pleases and calling all the shots. He doesn’t listen to anyone at all, he’s certainly not listening to anyone who was on his campaign team who might have been telling him to tone down his rhetoric. So how would he listen to an army of advisors who were trying to give him advice on domestic and foreign policy, the military and the economy? He has a desire mostly for money, and in the pursuit, made all these bad decisions. The president of America, cannot be reckless and irresponsible, especially when it comes to making decisions for an entire country. The president of America, needs to have courage, be measured, and should be able to

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