Donald Trump Persuasive Essay 2016

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All of America is outraged at the win of Donald J. Trump on election night 2016. How could a rich, insensitive, bigoted, racist business man become the next President of the United States? Over half of the US population will be moving to Canada in the next several months in response—or will they? In a world that is becoming increasingly reliant on technology and easily accessible information, the media have insidiously crept into a position of influence over the thoughts and emotions of today’s society. Until the invention of the television, computers and phones, the most popular mode of acquiring information included newspapers and magazines. Today, news reaches the masses more readily through television, the internet, social media, apps for …show more content…
Many Americans believe that Trump is a rich, insensitive, bigoted, racist business man, but many also felt that he was the the best choice to elect as America’s next president. An incredible amount of people claimed that they would move to Canada if Trump was elected, so far one can probably count with their fingers the individuals who have actually done so. The 2016 election was a very polarizing one, there were those who were all for Clinton, all for Trump, and those who disliked both. The fact of the matter is that enough people went out and voted for Donald Trump to become the next president. Why, then, were so many Americans, those who voted for either candidate and those who did not vote at all, shocked when Trump was elected president? The answer is that the media majorly portrayed Clinton’s campaign in a positive light, while Trump’s was mostly in a negative one. News media instilled so much faith in Americans that come Tuesday night, Clinton would be celebrating. Presumably, if the media can evoke such a reaction from the American people, the possibilities are endless when it comes to what individuals can do when media influences their beliefs and perception of the world around them. Not only does this phenomenon affect America, but it also affects people around the world. The world that is know today may have been very different if media bias did not

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