Confidence In Congress

Review Figure 6.1, "Confidence in Congress." Why do you believe Congress receives such a low confidence rating?
Based solely on Table 6.1, even with no further information one could assume based on the facts depicted in the table that the overall can be based on the public being closed-off so to speak.

Firstly, the fact of the matter is that the people believe more in things they see the outcome from, and very few have any ties to congress anyways. The military is undoubtedly at the top of the charts; this is understandable because many know service-members, and their successes and dedication can be verified through media and their personal stories. Even those that may not support the political side of wars, most due support that the members
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Do you believe the President 's foreign policy powers should be dominant and he should have exclusive control over foreign relations or do you believe Congress should play more of a role in these affairs?
This question can be approached in many ways, no matter the angle of approach it is honestly the best way to have it. I understand there may be misused in some people’s opinions, but the truth remains that certain things are unavoidable. The rationality is every so often even someone in this position may not be agreed with, but overall it is best that the public does not know all and that the President is in the power position in this instance. Some may not agree, but many Presidents have made great decisions and allies in these sorts of relations.
In certain instances, I am sure there may have been a degree of secrecy, which only came to light after it turned out positively. If things did not go quite as planned,
I am sure our Presidential powers that were in the office ensured no issues resulted.
If all relations on operations of the government and foreign relations had more individuals that were aware of their occurrence, some may not agree with certain aspects or secrets may be revealed that could place lives in jeopardy. The
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I personally believe the President should have full reign, if the President cannot be trusted in such a manner then they should never be elected or they should be impeached. I have certain issues and opinions on governmental policies myself, but the truth is that the things that occur behind the scenes should reflect what the people would want or to protect the national security. The reality is the President should have the ultimate power in certain aspects, like relations and even war in my opinion. Overall, I would like to elaborate that the President should have to have more requirements to be in office; like to run the military he should have at a minimum served in the military or to lead politics he should have a certain background in politics. People worry more on opinions than a background, and this is in my opinion why the government has issues with Presidents not protecting the interests of the people.
The synopsis is Presidents should represent us, they should be stringently tested, but once they are in office they may be impeached; but they should be able to run the nation and do it unattested. The factors of what a President should be and the testing of his integrity and honor should come far before he reaches

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