The Importance Of The Military Presidency

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With the current American Constitution, there are three criteria of eligibility to hold the position of President of the United States according to Article 2 Section 1. These criteria are that the President must be a natural born citizen to the United States, must be at least 35 years of age, and must hold at least 14 years of residency within the United States. While these qualities are important to finding the right individual to be the head of the executive branch, the current era that we live in requires more than this because of the imminent threat of terrorism and necessity for military action. There should be an additional requirement for presidency; therefore, I propose that an amendment requiring the President to have military experience …show more content…
Regardless of their background, character is a significant factor when determining who will best fill the role as President. Being in the military demands a level of respect from an individual. This respect has to be shown both towards superiors as well as those in lower rankings. The ability to respect all levels of authority translates to the Presidency because it would help the President be able to respect the opinions of his advisors as well as the American people who he serves. Regardless of rank, with military experience, the President would either be able to have held a leadership position or report to someone in a leadership position. Witnessing and experiencing leadership styles, both good and bad, would help mold the leadership of the President. Military experience instills discipline within its members, and discipline is important for the Presidency. With a role in government comes immense power, so the President should have the discipline to wield such power with a firm yet not overbearing grip. An overall appreciation for the military and all that they do would come from personal military experience. From this appreciation would stem thoughtful consideration before employing troops in any situation. The appreciation for the military could carry over to the 22 million veterans and 35 million military spouses and children who all put so much on the line for the sake of the United States . A President that is more relatable can only benefit the public good. Having a President with military experience would make it more likely to have a President of high morals and credible

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