Duties Of A President Essay

Congress is known to be powerful, but the face of the government is the President of the United States. However, the president roles of government are the commander-in-chief, head of state and leader of a political but one takes precedence over the other. The presidents are held to high standards, and the media do not help. In Article 2, it tells you what are the requirement for to become a President and what are the duties of the President.
The founding father did not want a king; they wanted a person that can convey and enforce the rule of Congress. A president has to be flexible and have balance with being firm and knowing when to be compassionate. The media make it harder, with their private life all over the news and social media. The job is not easy making decisions and getting judged for everything, most people do not want he job as being the president. Article 1, states to run for president, the person has to be a maximum age of 35, 14years of residence and a natural born citizen. It takes a lot to criticize the American people with media being all in their personal life and be ridiculed for every decision you make.
As the commander in chief, the president has the power to deploy the Armed Service in war. Congress has struggled with the power of
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The president 's duty as leader of a political party he appoints some of the members of his political party as a cabinet member. As the leader of a political leader, the presidential campaign with he senator who supported his policies. It is important, but not as important as the role of the Commander- in-chief. As the Commander in Chief, the president has to make fast decisions to either hold back or send the troops. The Budget aspect of what the President has to give to Congress is a big deal. The military uses this to either advance their weaponry system or how much will spend on the

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