Essay On Government Decision Making

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The founders of the United States had many hard choices to make when deciding to “form a more perfect union” with the Constitution. They had to make a federal government that would be acceptable not only to the common people but to the naysayers as well. If they did not satisfy the needs of the people, then they would not be able to trade and be recognized as a power on the world market. The founders needed a way to convey this to the citizens of the United States and make them interested in helping to make the country they were forming great. By incorporating into the Constitution the duties and work schedule of the Congress, they could persuade citizens into helping with the decision making process. By allowing them to vote and run for office, …show more content…
James Madison 's idea was that if none of these positions held all the power in the government there could be no strong organization that could control the will of the people. When looking at these articles, Article 1, Section 2 specifically gives the House of Representatives the right to chose their own speaker and “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment”. Representatives are the originators of all bills that are required to raise money for the United States but they must pass the Senate to be approved. Article 1, Section 3 gives the rights to the Senate to elect other officers “and also a President pro temp in the Absence of the Vice President” but also the sole power to try all Impeachments. The Senate along with the House defines what laws are to be established and encouraged to work along with House to provide laws for the citizens. Article 2 Section 1 describes the duties of the President, who is able to grant reprieves and pardons (except for impeachment), to be the commander in chief of the Military, to make Treaties (with the advice and counsel of the Senate), to appoint Ambassadors (with approval from the Senate), Supreme Court Justices and is to give a State of the Union address and recommend to their Consideration such Measures as he shall judge necessary and

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