Effects Of 9/11 Essay

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Molly Meka
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9/11: A Day That Changed the World On September 11th, 2001, our world changed forever. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon caused an immediate call for change in U.S. Foreign Policy, which in cause, increased tensions between America and the Middle East, the strengthening and safety of our borders, and through the foundation of Homeland Security. The most obvious effect of the post 9/11 world that all Americans have experienced in one way, is the dramatic spike in increased Transportation Security Act agents, security in the airports and overall thoroughness in air travel. If this traumatic event never occurred, American lives, the outlook of how the world views America and
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America became immediately involved in the war in terror following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Less than a month after 9/11, the United States had invaded Afghanistan in order to attack and destroy Al-Qaeda, meanwhile removing the government that allowed them to live within their borders. Following that, the US had invaded Iraq which was related to the war on terror. The result of these wars was that the budgets for defense-related agencies skyrocketed. According to PBS NewsHour, the budget of the Coast Guard, the TSA and Border Patrol had all doubled since 2011 (Green). Not only has a result of war caused a dramatic increase in budget, but the obvious cause of war, casualties. Nearly 3,100,000 Americans entered the military between 2001 2011 and almost 2,000,000 were sent to Afghanistan or Iraq. More than 6,000 American troops had been killed and roughly 44,000 wounded (Green). Being involved with this war on terror, involves many civilian casualties of the invaded nations. Even though the deaths of the citizens are considered, “collateral damage”, they are still deaths caused by the Americans. The war has also resulted in much structural damage as well and brought war to the homes of many people. When the people of Iraq and Afghanistan go back and reflect on what the US has done to them, often times the image of the death of their loved ones and living in a war zone is what comes to mind. This creates a …show more content…
Following the post-9/11 terrorist attacks anti-Islamic violence in America spikes. According to the FBI, 28 hate crimes committed in 2000 were found to be anti-Islamic. In 2001 that number jumped to 481 (Villemez). Violence increased so much that some Muslim Americans received death threats from strangers, just for being Muslim. Muslim Americans were just as shocked and taken aback as other Americans were during 9/11. In addition to coping with the attacks, many of these Muslims did so while being looked down upon by fellow Americans and being categorized alongside the 19 terrorists that attacked that day. Law-enforcement agencies as well as everyday Americans racially profiled Muslim Americans much more following post 9/11, specifically to Muslim and Sikhs (Khan). Muslim Americans were associated with radical Islamists and to be “terrorists” just for being of the same religion, culture or even looking like someone from the Middle East (Khan). The effect that 9/11 had on the Muslims in America is still present in todays modern world. Muslims all over the word are judged for being associated with terrorism and will be associated with it for a long time. The stereotype will continue on even though many Americans are beginning to get over the stereotype that all Muslims aren’t radical Islamists. Many of these Muslims

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