Dbq Essay On 9/11

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On September 11, 2001, the United States witness the most horror finding terrorist attack. Many people stood and watch as the second plane crashed into the south twin town and many witnesses watched it crash to the ground, with love ones inside unable to escape from the higher levels of the building. Not only did these plans strike the twin towers, one also crashed into the Pentagon. Moments later after these plans had been reported, one last plan was reported saying it crashed in rural Pennsylvania. These attacks killed thousands of people. Ever since this attack happened, people wonder what the reason behind these deadly attacks was. People from all over the world had different views to what the 9-11 motives could be. With so many unanswered questions left people clueless and worried about their lives. This attack on the United States left thousands of people in posttraumatic states.
Osama bin Laden informed CNN in March 1997 that the United States government was unjust,
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Many people disagreed with his reasons behind why the Islamic terrorists had attacked the United States. (Document E). George Bush answered America’s question, which was why they (those responsible for 9-11) do hate us? George Bush went on to explained how they hated our freedom of speak, our freedom of religion, and our freedom to vote and disagree with one another. This is less likely the reasons behind the attacks on the United States. George Bush was unaware of these attacks just as well as everyone else in America. His response to the American left many people to disagree with him in a number of ways. Although America had all these advantages, Osama bin Laden stated why he declared jihad on the United States three years before the actual attack. Bush statement was to give the United States a peace of mind. This shows that this is less likely to be the reason behind the 9-11 attacks. Their motives were more

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