Summary Of Dorothy Allison's Essay 'A Question Of Class'

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In today’s multicultural society, individuals identify themselves and live within the context of their identity, race, class and culture. Social inequalities experienced by the African American race was due to the sign of hopelessness shown because of the social class they were born to, as well as, the way they were raised. Due to the lack of job opportunities and education, families in urban communities suffer because it creates tension. In Dorothy Allison’s essay, “A Question of Class,” she explores her identity by focusing on her experiences as what she refers to as “southern white trash”. The inescapable impact of Allison being born in a condition of poverty that this society finds shameful, contemptible and somehow deserved was something that she spent her whole life trying to overcome and deny. In “Notes of a Native Son,” …show more content…
The acts on 9/11 caused blames toward many groups of people, mostly the Muslim society because the terrorists who flew the plane into the twin towers were Muslim. This attack set a bad example for the Muslim community and Muslims were to blame. The tragedy of 9/11 has just allowed more racism than ever because of how Muslim are now looked at as low and shown to be heartless, but in reality it’s not true. The American-Islamic societies were treated unfairly and subjected to acts of violence, profiling, harassment and embarrassment. The word “Islamophobia” was given for the verbal abuse toward the Muslim community. After the attack, many Muslims were experiencing “Islamophobia”, which included racial slurs, threatening phone calls, phone tabs, and homicides. Today, Muslims are being randomly picked and scanned at the airport and also are pre-judged as terrorist even before getting to know them. Men get profiled for having long beards and woman by wearing the headscarf or even a traditional

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