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  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Analysis

    The kernel can be compiled using the command # make zImage Follow steps 1 to 6 to activate other adc channels thereby creating a new c source code file each time. Figure 5: Bottom up flowchart of hardware-software integration Figure 6: Flowchart representation of application program 4. Control System Design: The most important part of designing a controller is to find a proper mathematical model representing the entire system. It is desired from the control system design aspect, that the pitching and yawing movements of the vehicle be completely decoupled. The generic block diagram of the subsystems is as given below Figure 7: Block diagram representation of the control system The actuators used for this project are dc motors. The mathematical…

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  • The Cathedral And The Bazaar: A Comparative Analysis

    In his iconic book, “The Cathedral and the Bazaar: Musings on Linux and Open Source by an Accidental Revolutionary” (Raymond , 1999), contrast Raymond between two different work (or software develop) methods: the Cathedral model and the Bazaar model. According to the Cathedral model, which is more common in the commercial software companies, the develop of software is done by an exclusive group of software developers and the end user is getting (or buying) a close package with readymade source…

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  • Designing A Linux Implementation Proposal For The Company Linx, Llc

    Introduction I will be writing a Linux Implementation Proposal for the company Linx, LLC. This company has a new research and development group named LSDG. All the systems in the group LSDG will be running the Red Hat Linux operating system. These systems will access and share resources with the existing hardware in place. The existing hardware that Linx, LLC has implemented is a Microsoft active directory domain which contains numerous Windows Server 2012 R2 servers running services like DNS,…

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  • Case Study Of Building A Single Technology Platform

    common functionality needed by most of the applications. They built Java IDE to show the value of the platform. Hence for all the above reasons, OTI was a leverage point for building the single platform. 6. How did the Java IDE help to sell the platform? How did the Linux OS support help/hurt the single…

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  • Impact Of Internet On Happiness

    Does the internet have a positive effect on our happiness? Today, the Internet plays a big role in our society. People enjoy the fact that they can have so much information from a computer or a phone, and it is so easy and simple to access. According to research that the average adult spends twenty hours per week on the internet. It is a big part in our lives, without it we would not be able to do many things that we do today. The internet is used so much for many good reasons; communicating,…

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  • Operating System Swot Analysis

    M1-Compare the strengths & weaknesses of Operating System There are many different types of Operating Systems that are developed for different reasons, the most common operating systems in desktop computers and laptops are Windows and Linux. The company has requested that I run comparison of Windows 7 and Linux 14, there functions, features, pros, cons and at the end give my overall opinion. Windows 7: Windows 7 has incorporated new features make it more advance than Windows Vista but also make…

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  • Portfolio Milestone

    Portfolio Milestone – Phase 1/ Option #1 Statement of Problem/ Needs I am being hired on as an Information Technology (IT) professional to set up an office of approximately 20 people for a small business firm. They desire half of the employees to be using desktop computers and the other half to be using laptops. They also desire a wire-less network that can be utilized by the laptops and wire-less printing and scanning capabilities for the whole office. The desktops will be hard-wired to the…

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  • Heuristic And Accessibility Evaluation Of Wordpress. Com

    Heuristic and Accessibility Evaluation of This report provides an analysis of the heuristic evaluation used to evaluate Wordpress, an open source website creation tool that simplifies the process of blogging and website content management. The heuristic evaluation will be performed using the “heuristics” provided by Jacob Nielsen. For this evaluation, ten heuristics were used to analyze the core functionalities of Wordpress, which include creating blogs, managing…

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  • The Importance Of File Management

    Knowing the memory address of such critical files allowed malicious access at the kernel level and allowed unscrupulous program writes to take advantage of the known locations. Microsoft has implemented new memory access technology that includes Dynamic Allocation of Kernel Virtual Address Space (including paged and non-paged pools), kernel-mode stack jumping, and Address Space Layout Randomization. These changes reduce the ability of malicious program developers to take advantage of known…

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  • Analysis Of Linux, Mac OS And Windows

    operating systems out there today are Windows 7, Windows 8, a multitude of Linux distributions, Mac OS, and Android just to name a few. We are only going to be looking at three of the major operating systems (OS) used in today’s market which are Linux (which has many different versions), Mac OS and Windows. Each of these operating have many different key elements, but some of the most noticeable differences are security, process management, memory management, and file management. Without these…

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