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  • Analysis Of Alice Walker Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self

    In her essay “Beauty: When the Other Dancer Is the Self,” Alice Walker wrote a narrative essay about her internal struggles of beauty and self-worth. She went into great details about childhood events, particularly a disfiguring accident, and how it forever changed her. Alice describes her emotional history in minute detail, allowing the reader to feel all the emotions that she had felt. Truly, we have all felt that if we could just make perfect all our imperfections, that we would be happier and our lives would be better. She explains how a single traumatic event changed her life forever and her perception of true beauty. Alice wrote about her journey of self-hatred and her eventual self-love. She wrote in chronicle order of her life beginning at the age of two. She recalled, “Whirling happily in my starchy frock, showing off my biscuit-polished patent-leather shoes and lavender socks, tossing my head in a way that makes my ribbons bounce” (23) and she exclaimed, “I’m the prettiest!” (23) Alice’s use of rich detail gives the audience a clear picture of the memory of what Alice experienced. Next, Alice wrote about an Easter speech she made at the age of six. It was a particularly difficult speech, especially for a young child. Yet, she gave a great performance without a stammer, pause, or with any mistakes. She went on to boast that she did better than the other children. She states she could tell the other church goers admire her dress and especially her sassy spirit.…

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  • Hu The Tiger Research Paper

    They would attack almost every other big anima found in the wild, be it rhinos, antelopes, bears, half-grown elephants or even crocodiles. Whilst it takes a group of 8 to 10 lions to attack and bring down a young elephant, a tiger can do the job all by itself. Some of these animals weigh twice a tiger and it can still hunt them; how does it manage to do that? Tigers are known to lie stealthily in ambush and quickly strike on their prey and go straight for the neck. The tiger is bold and clinical…

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  • Essay On African Lion

    Common Name: The African lion mainly gives the most common name used to identify the social animal. African lions are very cautious towards each other, prey, and how to live. Taking chances requires strength and mobility for their survival needs. Groups only enhance more of a chance to survive, especially when helping each other out. Scientific Name: The African lion or scientifically named Panthera leo, can be described one of the most achievable predators in the world. Due to large sizes in…

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  • Analysis Of Aslan As Jesus By C. S. Lewis

    Soon after seeing that a lion---Aslan---is the one who is singing, Andrew completely rejects this idea; rather than continuing to hear singing, he convinces himself that he is hearing roaring instead. Andrew does not want to believe, thus and he convinces himself that what is before his eyes is not real (126). This idea is confirmed on page 170 when Polly asks Aslan to make sure Uncle Andrew never returns to Narnia and Aslan asks, “Do you think he wants to?” The idea is confirmed for a second…

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  • Black Panther Characteristics

    makes a sawing sound to charm a male partner. Then, she will leave scent markings so he can find where she is. After they have mated, he will go back to his territory, while she raises the cubs on her own. Chapter 7: Newborn to Young Cubs A female panther will be pregnant for about three months. A baby panther is called a cub. Usually, there are two to four cubs being born in a litter. The cubs’ eyes are blind and are covered with gray fur for the first two weeks after birth. It is the…

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  • Evolution Of Tigers

    The tiger is one of the most endangered species around the world. Today, there are only an estimated 5.000- 7.000 tigers existing worldwide (D'Silva, Roy) . This number has decreased drastically over the last few years, even though the tiger has few natural enemies. Besides large buffaloes, bears and elephants, humans are its worst enemy. Tigers mainly live in Asia, India and Russia. Due to the wide spread, every tiger sub- spices have adapted to its ecosystem differently, some live in tropical…

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  • Narnia In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

    Myth: The Chronicles of Narnia is built around this concept of myth. As most of us read long ago in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the four children explore their new home and grope their way through a magical wardrobe into the cold, wintery world of Narnia. Here -- as in the ancient myths that had captivated C. S. Lewis' heart -- animals talk, witches bewitch, curses turn flesh into stone, and the veil between physical reality and spiritual fantasies fade away. Myth and truth merge…

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  • Black Rhino Research Paper

    You might think that there is an actual colour difference between the Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis) and the White Rhino (Ceratoherium simum) but there is not. They are very close in color. The differences between the two Rhino’ are the shape of their mouth and their body. The Black Rhino is the smaller of the two Rhino’s. They can weigh around 1500kg and can grow up to 1.6m at the shoulder. The Rhinos’ mouth is small and hooked-shaped upper lip for eating small trees and shrubs. Their…

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  • Write An Argumentative Essay On Snow Leopards

    Snow Leopards A race , graceful , and hungry beast is one way to describe a snow leopard , this breed of wild cats live mostly in the mountain ranges in Asia. In this paragraph I will be writing about the Snow Leopard and its diet , habitat , and features. It will include a topic sentence and supporting details. All five paragraphs will in include major details on the paragraph’s topic of choice. This is what I’ll be including in this essay about Snow Leopards. Snow…

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  • Zebra Research Paper

    and the strip can brown. There can be thin strips and thick strips. There also darker strips. They all different general patters of strips. The mountain Zebra can 529 to 820 lbs. A mountain zebra are 3.8 to 4.9 feet tall at the shoulder. A plain zebra are 3.6 to 4.8 feet all at the shoulder and they weigh up to 770 lbs. a largest zebra is the Grevy Zebra weights 770 to 990 lbs. It is around 5 feet tall from shoulder to hoof. Zebra eat mostly grass and they will travel up to 1,800 mile to…

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