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  • Tpk-Trypsin Lab Report

    Culture Infective Dose (TCID50) will be used. In TCID50 serial dilutions from the supernatant of the infected cells will be used to cause cytopathic effects (CPE) on MDCK cells. The TCID50 will be lower in case of viperin-transfected cells compared to the negative control ones. Objective 3: Investigate the effect of viperin on the cell lipid rafts and investigate the IAV release from the cells in the presence of duck viperin. Human viperin inhibits FPPS, which inhibit the formation of lipid raft. Lipid rafts are important for the virus release from the cells (Scheiffele et al. 1999; Leser & Lamb 2005), thus by inhibiting the lipid raft, the amount of virus released from the cells should be decreased significantly (Wang et al. 2007). In order to detect whether there is a change in the lipid raft in the DF-1 cells stably expressing viperin compared to the DF-1 cells transfected with an empty vector, lipid raft will be stained with cholera toxin B subunit (CTB)-FITC which is a marker for the lipid rafts, while the nucleus will be stained with Hoechst 33342, which is used to stain the nuclei of the fixed cells. I expect to see a decrease in the lipid raft in the DF-1 cells stably expressing viperin compared to the DF-1 cells that are transfected with an empty vector. FPPS is a key enzyme in the synthesis of FPP, which is a precursor of cholesterol (Bloch 1965; reviewed in Szkopińska & Płochocka 2005). In IAV infection of primary mouse macrophages, viperin prevented…

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  • Viral Pathogens Essay

    Viral pathogens use liver cells to replicate, then attach to their lipid droplets to to accumulate, assemble and bud off into the rest of the body. Liver produces and secretes LDL, VLDL and HDL which are taken up by every cell in the body that uses cholesterol, including the liver cells that take them up too.2 Viruses hijack these lipoproteins and use them to get into the liver cells, where they replicate, which opens up a gateway to the rest of the body. They replicate within the endoplasmic…

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  • Murder And Cowardice Film Analysis

    and Cowardice, shown on the Australian television show “Sunday Night” on Friday March 12 2012, documents the 4 day survival story of 10 workers who were abandoned out at sea during a massive storm and left to die. Sunday Night produced a sympathetic documentary about 10 innocent oil rig workers who are caught in amongst a massive storm along with the choice of the Captain on the Mermaid Vigilance a passing ship to leave the men to their death. This documentary represents the situation as it says…

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  • First Chapter: I Row My Own Boat

    First chapter- I row my own boat Before I was 10 years old, I could see the world through my mind. The world was so bright and colorful. With a thought, flowers bloomed. Timeless creations appear before my eyes with swing of my finger. I could see things that weren’t logical. Sometimes, there were voices whispering in my ears telling me to wake up during the night. When I was 12, my parents taught me they were called a child’s fantasy. That those dreams will disappear when I grew up. I didn’t…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Short Walk To The Dock

    "It's only a short walk to the dock," they said. I don't mind short walks, but when there’s a 100 pound boat resting on your shoulder, a ten minute walk seems to last a lifetime. With my back hunched over, knees bent and about to give out, I lost complete feeling in my shoulders. As my teammates and I continued to walk, we saw other teams who finished their race walking their boats back to their trailers, their faces plastered with a painful expression on them, a confirmation that they…

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  • Chlorella Vulgaris Research Paper

    different ways; wastewater treatments, production of protein-rich food and feed additives, and biofuel (Cakmak,Wells). Specialty oils, and cosmetics can also be products from algae (Griffiths et al). The limit of fossil fuels makes it more important to be able to find renewable energy resources. There are many positives that come from using microalgae as a renewable resource; it has a large lipid content, make…

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  • Lipid Extraction Essay

    The major bottleneck for lipid extraction from the wet microalgae is the low extraction efficiency, because of the immiscibility of nonpolar organic solvents with water contained in wet microalgae {Yoo, 2012 #31} {Kim, 2013 #118}. Traditional method for lipid extraction from dry biomass uses a co-solvent system, which consist of a non-polar solvent and polar solvent {Halim, 2012 #7} {Kim, 2013 #118}. When the co-solvent system is directly applied to wet microalgal biomass, the microalgal cells…

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  • Sea Survivors: Louie Zamperini

    Do you think you could survive on a raft in the middle of sea? Do you think you could survive being beaten, tortured, and starved for days and months? One man can. A man named Louie Zamperini. This man was lionhearted with aksi a hint of being solicitous in his personality. This man was rebellious. Zamperini was one of the many survivors, that survived the impossible. Louie Zamperini was lionhearted. He was a brave and determined man, not only for himself, but for others too. Zamperini was a…

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  • Personal Narrative: Traveling Down South

    Traveling Down South The first time I traveled out of Ohio, I got to travel to Tennessee and to Florida. We traveled to Tennessee first then to Florida. My dad, step mom, Little brother and sister and I chose to travel to two different states because me and my siblings had a set of grandparents in each state. When we first arrived in both states we went to Crispy Cream and got donuts. Which is the best donut shop ever in my opinion. I’ve learned accouple lessons my first time in both states.…

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  • Antimicrobial Peptide Lab Report

    phospholipid head groups and the hydrophobic residues on the peptides with the hydrophobic core of the membrane 3) pore formation and micellization of the lipid bilayer occurs, leading to disintegration of the membrane allowing leakage of essential nutrients and ions, followed by complete cell lysis.[1][4] In the barrel-stave mechanism, α-helical peptides form transmembrane pores with their hydrophobic parts in contact with the external lipid environment and hydrophilic parts pointing inwards…

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