Sea Survivors: Louie Zamperini

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Do you think you could survive on a raft in the middle of sea? Do you think you could survive being beaten, tortured, and starved for days and months? One man can. A man named Louie Zamperini. This man was lionhearted with aksi a hint of being solicitous in his personality. This man was rebellious. Zamperini was one of the many survivors, that survived the impossible. Louie Zamperini was lionhearted. He was a brave and determined man, not only for himself, but for others too. Zamperini was a bombardier in World War II, and someone no one will forget. When Louie Zamperini was in the army air corps, he flew in a plane named the Superman. However, this plane was destroyed by Japanese planes, leaving Louie and his crew with no plane but the Green Hornet. This plane “looked haggard, its sides splattered with something black, the paint worn off the engines. Even with an empty bomb bay and all four engines going, it was only just able to stay airborne.” (pg. 117) Even though the Green Hornet was a run-down plane, Zamperini and the other crewmen still had enough courage in themselves …show more content…
On the life raft that Louie Zamperini was stuck in, with Mac and Phil, there were several half-pint tins of water. Despite the fact that these three men were surrounded by water, they had very little of it to quench their thirst. Each man got their own water tin and was allowed two to three sips a day. On the 33rd day of being stranded in the middle of sea, “Mac became a faint whisper of a man.” (pg. 171) Mac ran out of water to drink, and Phil didn’t have enough to share, but Louie did. “Louie was sympathetic to Phil, but he couldn’t bring himself to refuse Mac. He gave him a small sip of his own water.” (pg 171) No matter how much water was left on the life raft, Louie still was considerate enough to share some of his own water so Mac would just barely survive. Along with being solicitous, Zamperini was also

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