Sargent's Last Battle-Personal Narrative

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It was 4:22 a.m June 6, 1944, everyone in the camp was woken up by sirens. We were 20 miles out from Normandy beach. Sargent had not told us what was going on yet, we were just told to suit up and get to the boats. I heard a quiet buzz around the compound from various soldiers of various ranks that we were going to Normandy Germany and I knew this meant war. We loaded up the boats with around 16 per boat. I snatched my thompson and threw a extremely heavy flamethrower on my back and I got on the boat.

The boat ride was a miserable one that took around an hour long considering that the boats were fairly slow. As we went along I could hear the clicking of the pistons from the boat. Around 20 minutes from shore a fellow soldier woke me up. I
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The ramp to our boat was open and we jumped off and sprinted to cover. I threw off the flamethrower and layed on my back watching as the bullets flied overhead with a zing. I looked back at the boat and my sargent floated on top of the water in a pool of his own blood. At that moment I then realized what this was and what was going on. I guess it had never really hit me to as of what really was going on exactly. I ducked my head grabbed the flame thrower and I moved over to another coverage area behind some wood. I pulled my gun out and I popped over the structure and I took out at least 3 or 4 enemy natzis. I ducked down and all I heard was the loudest bang I have ever heard in my life.

The enemy had shot a mortar at me. I had landed a little ways away from my left leg and had blown it off. I looked at it and got dizzy and lightheaded. I remembered was I was trained for though. I grabbed my shirt and ripped it and wrapped a tight spiral cloth around the wound and i got up and crawled up to advance leaving the flamethrower behind. I crawled through the trenched and endured blow after blow from things that were being thrown. I was shot but I fought. I kept advancing making sure my leg wasn’t bleeding out and I fought on and

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