Personal Narrative: Traveling Down South

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Traveling Down South

The first time I traveled out of Ohio, I got to travel to Tennessee and to Florida. We traveled to Tennessee first then to Florida. My dad, step mom, Little brother and sister and I chose to travel to two different states because me and my siblings had a set of grandparents in each state. When we first arrived in both states we went to Crispy Cream and got donuts. Which is the best donut shop ever in my opinion. I’ve learned accouple lessons my first time in both states. The first lesson was jet skis are more dangerous than they seem to be. The first time I’ve ever rode on a jet ski was on this vacation and it was funs at first but then turned dangerous. A circle raft was connected to the jet ski and I told my
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Especially in Florida, you can eat on the beach. Everybody would love the privilege to do be able to do that. We used to take the boat out and go to a restaurant on the beach. That was always fun, while you’re eating you can stare at a beautiful ocean view. You can also go to the beach and surf or boat and go jet skiing. You can also go boating and jet skiing in Tennessee too. Florida and Ohio have similar amusement parks. Florida has Bush Gardens and Ohio has Cedar Point. They also have similar rides. Cedar Point has a ride called the Raptor and Bush Garden has a similar one. One day on the vacation in Florida My dad, grandpa, and I were watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that was the very first time I watched my favorite NFL team play. My favorite player on offense was one of their running backs known as Mike Alstott. He wore the jersey number 40. He was one of the hardest running backs to tackle and bring down on the field. On defense my favorite player was either the Buccaneers corner back Ronda Barber or their free safety John Lynch. Barber wore number 20 and John Lynch wore number 47. Barber was excellent at catching interceptions, which is when you catch a pass from the opposing teams quarterback, and Lynch hits the other team’s players really hard

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