Personal Narrative: My Trip To Kings Island

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Yesterday, I took my girls to Kings Island, something that has kept them well busy over the summer. I am not the one to ride rides let alone big roller coasters. I usually am the bag holder while I sit and wait when they jump from one ride to the next. Usually I stand off to the side or find an empty bench, pop out my phone and keep to myself. But I thought this time it would be the perfect opportunity to break the norm and allow me to complete this assignment. So instead keeping to myself I decided to find places to sit or stand where others were around. When I did this I made sure the people I sat by or engaged with were different genders and ages in order to see how people react differently.

The first ride my girls road on was Banshee.
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One of my daughters has celiac disease and is gluten free. Fortunately there are a few places in Kings Island that accommodates this diet. One of them being Larosas in the fest house. The only thing is that you have to special order the gluten free pizza and there is usually a long wait. After we placed our order I noticed no one was really in line behind us so I decided to stand by the cashier, which was a guy, probably just old enough to be working there. You could tell he was not enthused to be working at all, something maybe his parents are making him to do. I tried to start a conversation bout celiac disease actually. After I ordered and paid I started talking to him. I said, you know it’s nice that my daughter has options to eat here. And asked him if there are a lot others who order the pizza we did. In return he barely says one word and acts as if he knows nothing about eating gluten free and really what gluten even was. I tried to explain the allergy and his expression was just like ‘oh’. I could tell I wasn’t getting anywhere so decided to just sit down and wait for the …show more content…
Although my youngest is not a ‘baby’ anymore, she still loves riding the carousle. I think it just gives here that kid filling and how much fun it is to be a kid. Of course my older two think it is way too Kiddush for them so they decide to wait with me. As we were waiting I noticed a mom with her two young kids walking by us. She sits down to get herself situated with her youngest who is sitting in the stroller. I would say the boy was about 2 and was just crying his eyes out. It appeared he was ready to eat since I saw his mother grab the diaper bag and start rooting through it for his snack. When she did this I noticed the boy throwing a fit and threw is sippy cup. I immediately went to retrieve it and return it to the kid. The mom saw me to do this and to my surprise was very thankful. You can tell she was very stressed out and just wanted the boy to stop crying. I said I’ve been there done that and pointed to my two oldest who were standing next to me and the one that was waiting for the ride. The mother engaged back and from there we had a long conversation going. Again about kids and also turned into work. It was ironic because her husband happened to be a police officer and had the crazy work hours like me. He was at work and she was the lucky one to entertain the kids that day. Her other child, who was older, happen to find amusement in my two older daughters and before I knew it, my two were laughing and talking to her,

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