My Tennessee Vacation

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My Trip to Tennessee

As a young child I have never had the opportunity to go on a true vacation far from Indiana. Although I have been on other vacations, but those were either in southern Indiana, Michigan, or Illinois. My first true vacation was to Tennessee and it was amazing. I will be telling you about everything leading up to my first trip, who I went with on my vacation, on the road to Tennessee, where we stayed, and everything we did on our family trip. For my first vacation, I found at my cousin’s (Paige) friend’s graduation party in 2012. My aunt came up to my mom and asked if my brother (Chris) and I would like to go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for four days with my aunt, uncle, my two cousins (Paige and John), my aunt’s family friends,
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My family was still packing the night before and my uncle and I still had to hook the trailer on to truck. When my family finished packing the cars and attaching the trail it was late at night, so I was not able to get much sleep but I still got some. I remember that Paige and Khari could not fall asleep so they decided to go McDonald’s at like 11:30 at night, I also remember being upset that I could not go with and get something to eat with them. I also believed they were crazy since we had to wake up at 1:30 am just to leave for Tennessee. Other than all the chaos leading up to the trip, we had a decent ride to Gatlinburg. On the road was actually nice for me because I slept for a majority of the ride, since I was so tired the night before. I would say I slept for at least five hours in the car. I remember passing through the rest of Indiana, through Kentucky, then through some of Tennessee until we were in Gatlinburg. We actually did not stop that much, for what I can remember we stopped at a gas station to fill up the cars, we stopped at like six rest stops for bathroom breaks, and we stopped at McDonald’s a couple of times for food. From Portage to Gatlinburg it took us roughly nine to get there since we took a couple …show more content…
When you arrive at the museum you purchase your tickets, you are then given a small card which will give you a name, age, and a description of that person. Entering into the ship you first walk through the gift shop, then you will enter the museum part of it which is located at the staircase on the ship. You can tour all around the museum and see cool things, such as all the artifacts there, boards with facts about the ship, and even seeing everything they used during the the movie. The interactive part of the tour was when we were able to feel the water temperature, that the people on the Titanic had to indore. At the end of the tour you walked into a room that had a very large board with a bunch of people’s names categorized into three section: survived, missing, and dead. You were able to see if the person on your card fit into one of those

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