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  • Essay On Lionfish

    Lionfish are venomous Marine fish found in the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. The fish have started invading the Atlantic waters. The Lionfish pose a great danger to the native ecology, and they might destabilize the ecology. They have a large appetite and are well adapted to evade their prey. The lionfish belong to kingdom Animalia and the Phylum Chordata. The fish lives in deep waters in the Coral feeding on the reef fish. The fish develop at a very fast rate such that a fingerling attains sexual maturity two years after hatching from the eggs. Gross morphology and taxonomy. Lionfish are the marine fish and they do have distinctive stripes that are brown to maroon as well as white in color that do cover the head and its body. Their fins are fan-like in the pectoral region. They also have long, separated dorsal spines, which are poisonous. The lionfish have oval to elliptical scales with a smooth surface. Adult Lionfish size ranges from 2.0 to 17.7 inches in length; juvenile lionfish may be as small as 1 inch in length. They weigh between 0.025 kg and 1.3kg, which is 0.055 pounds and 2.866 pounds. The lionfish are carnivorous and are commonly found in the Indo-Pacific water, and are currently invading the Atlantic. The lionfish live for averagely ten years. Lionfish belong to the Kingdom Animalia, under the phylum Chordata. They belong to Actinopterygii class and Order is the…

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  • Pterois Voltans

    either plants, other foliage, or the other organisms that inhabit that area. Marine life is not typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of an invasive species. Pterois voltans, commonly referred to as the lionfish, have been added to the invasive species list. Lionfish are very difficult to remove from their newly found home once they are established. Pterois voltans find an abundance of preferred prey in the new area, a lack of predators in the same community and surrounding…

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  • Red Lionfish Essay

    The Red Lionfish, or Pterois volitans, is a subtropical fish species originating from Asia that has distinctive red, white, brown, and maroon stripes. Adult lionfish can grow up to around 17 inches long, with fan-like pectoral fins and many dorsal spines along their body, all of which are venomous (Raloff J. 2006). This peculiar fish is considered one of the most successful fish invader in the western Atlantic Ocean as it consumes a wide variety of prey. Several life history and behavioral…

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  • Lionfish Research Paper

    Lionfish or pterois miles have invaded the Atlantic coast line. Their original habitat is in the Indo-Pacific Ocean. They are poisonous and have spines were their venom is kept.They live in warm habitats like the tropics and are found in reefs and dark underwater crevices. First, lionfish had lived in the Indo-Pacific but, due to a hurricane and water and aquarium trades they found themselves in the Atlantic Ocean. They are also causing havoc in their new habitat. They find reefs and live…

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  • Lionfish Invasive: Non-Native Species

    Lionfish Invasive Introduction Non-native species have be released and introduced all over the world, but nothing quite compares to the invasion of the Lionfish. Species invasions, such as the Lionfish, can serve as a major threat to native ecosystems by causing ecological damage (Côté, 2013). Finding out what these ecological damages might be and how to slow down the process is Pterois volitans & Pterois miles The fish commonly known as the Lionfish has two species, Pterois volians and…

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  • Essay On Non Native Species

    environments. The ecosystem of an area is likely to be compromised from certain aggressive and invasive species. The lionfish is one of those. The Lionfish Invasion Native species are species that have a historical connection and are indigenous to specific environments and areas. In the mid 1980’s two species of lionfish were introduced into Florida’s coastal waters. The lionfish population has spread throughout the southeast area of the United States, Gulf of Mexico, and the Caribbean Sea.…

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  • Essay On Intrusive Species

    Another significant motivation behind why the biological systems in the Florida Keys are in threat is a result of intrusive animal groups. An intrusive species is a "non-local creature that has encroached into a zone and may have genuine hindering impacts on local organisms"(The Lionfish Intrusion). Local species are compelled to rival the intrusive mixed bag for sustenance and living space. Ordinarily the obtrusive species prevails and overwhelms the local structures. Florida has such a…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Invasive Species

    The lionfish had detrimental effects toward the species diversity in the hardbottom reefs of North Carolina due to odd patterns of predation. Latana Camara altered the hydrology patterns of other producers in the ecosystem, causing the other producers’ populations to decline, ultimately leading to less food sources for organisms that rely on these producers for food. The invasion of Spartina Alterniflora, however, allowed for the development of native plant, animal, and microbial species.…

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  • Burmese Python

    Lionfish were originally spotted of Florida’s Atlantic coast near Diana Beach back in 1985. The invasion of Lionfish started with only a few fish and it is unknown how they got there, but it was likely to have followed up currents on the Atlantic Coast, to the Bahamas, and into the Gulf. Lionfish are reef fish that are predators, they eat the native fish and reduce their populations having a negative effect on the reef’s habitat. Such as they can eat fish that are algae eaters causing the reef…

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  • Human's Effect On Invasive Species Ecosystems

    Some may have helped create a new invasive species, others may have even assisted the government in limiting their population. Lionfish are one such example of a common invasive species.The lionfish are the coral reefs’ worst invasive species. While they are native to the Pacific and Indian Oceans, they now live along the southeast coast of the United States, the Caribbean, and in parts of the Gulf of Mexico. How did they get there? Marine specialists assume that people have been dumping them…

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