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  • Braden River Soccer Field: A Short Story

    Walking out onto the green grass of the Braden River Soccer Fields, I have butterflies in my stomach. It was a hot, beautiful day with the sun beating down and not a cloud in the sky. I look at the small, red clubhouse building and see four of my teammates sitting down against the wall of it. I hardly knew anyone on my team, except a boy named Noah with blond, curly hair and pale skin. As my team showed up one by one, nobody said anything to each other. Before the game started, our coach, Coach Mark, gave a short, little speech about the importance of teamwork and how we should run hard. However, I was not listening to him as I was more interested in watching the older kids play on the field to the right of us. I stepped onto the field at the…

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  • Ekofisk Oil Field

    1. Introduction Ekofisk Oil Field is the North Sea’s first giant oil field which was discovered by Philips Petroleum in 1969 and approved for development in 1972. Ekofisk oil field is an oil field in block 2/4 which located at the Norwegian Continental Shelf of the North Sea (Figure 1.1). The total recoverable reserves of Ekofisk Oil field originally were 3, 324.2 million bbl oil, 156.1 bn ccm gas and 14.5 million tonnes of NGL. As of December 2012, the remaining recoverable reserves are…

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  • Oil Field Workers

    the United States in the height of drilling during the late 1940’s. Migrations of oil field workers were produced by frequent shifts in the demand for petroleum. More specifically, an oil boom is defined by these shifts and the three different types of workers who would arrive on an oil drilling site during different times and would contributed in different ways to the project. The three types of oil workers were the boomers, mobile workers and the drifters who along with their families, all…

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  • Lambeau Field: Marketing Campaign Analysis

    For Lambeau Field, the main customers will be NFL fans, and more specifically Packers fans. Currently, the majority of NFL fans are male, approximately 65% (Eby, 2013). It will be important to try and reach some more women in advertising to try and grow the fanbase of the NFL. Around 71% of NFL fans are over 35 years old (Eby, 2013). Therefore, younger fans should be targeted in ad campaigns more. Obviously it is important to keep the audience you have, but growing the fanbase is also huge. If…

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  • Magnetic Field Therapy Research Paper

    Magnetic Field Therapy Danielle Scott Vermont Technical College Magnetic Field Therapy Magnetic field therapy should be used as a complementary and alternative medicine before pharmaceutical interventions to treat patients. Magnetic field therapy penetrates the entire body and has fewer side effects. Magnetic field therapy has many benefits to offer patients to maintain health and treat illness. Magnetic field therapy provides a non invasive, safe, and easy method. The physiological…

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  • Finding The Magnetic Fields Of The 3 Wires

    a) According to the right-hand rule, the direction of the magnetic fields of the 3 wires are shown: We find the magnetic fields B1, B2 and B3: 퐵1=퐵2= 푢0 푖 = 푢0 푖 = 4∗3.14×10−7 ∗(3.65) =ퟒퟐ.ퟔퟔퟎ풖푻 2휋푟 2휋( 2푎) 2 ∗ 3.14 ∗( 2(0.0121)) 퐵3= 푢0 푖 = 푢0 푖 = 4∗3.14×10−7 ∗(3.65) =ퟐퟎ.ퟏퟏퟎ풖푻 2휋푟 2휋(3푎) 2 ∗ 3.14 ∗(3∗(0.0121)) The x components of the B1 and B2 cancel each other; therefore the net magnetic field will be downward and we have (the negative sign is because the direction is downward): 퐵=− 퐵1cos 45 +…

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  • The Killings And Todd Fields In The Bedroom Analysis

    Andre Dubus “The Killings” and Todd Fields In the Bedroom present the theme of grief, revenge and how a good person can commit an evil act; through the different uses of characters, plot, and tone. There are very subtle changes between the story and the film adaption, with some parts of the film quoting the story word for word. While the director keeps the film in very close likeness to the story, there are subtle changes we can compare and contrast. Beginning with the characters, right…

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  • Near Field Communication Analysis

    Introduction Near-field communication (NFC) is a set of protocols that allow communication between two electronic devices. Most commonly this technology is used for communication between portable devices like smartphones. Even though it is a contact less system of communication, it requires that the devices are within 4 cm or 1.57-inch distance from each other (Carter & Faulkner, 2015). Basically, this technology relies on creating a low speed connection between the devices which has a very…

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  • Occupational Inequalities In Women

    on table 11.1, very few women worked in what were considered “men’s fields.” These fields consisted of civil engineers, auto mobile and mechanical, and dentistry field. In contrast, women tended to work as registered nurses, kindergarten and preschool teachers. Over the past 30 years, more women have migrated into what were once considered men’s jobs, but for most fields, these numbers are still statistically low. According to the U.S.…

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  • Representation In STEM

    times fewer women, especially minorities, have been involved in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). This information serves as a chilling contradiction to the late 1960s when technological jobs such as computer programming was deemed as something a savvy young woman could do even comparing computer planning to “planning a dinner”. This paper will analyze why there has been a decrease in the amount of women in the fields of STEM, ways to increase the percentage…

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