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  • My Observation Of A Magnet

    The day before in class I’ll see what words students think of when they hear the term magnets. I’ll then explain that every magnet has a north and south pole. Finally I’ll demonstrate what happens when like poles are brought together and what happens when opposite poles are. I will continuously go around the room from group to group to make sure the students are on task and understand what their objectives are. The last ten minutes of class each student will answer 5 simple questions on an exit slip. I’ll start class by demonstrating the activities so the students understand what to do and won’t jump any without understanding it. They’ll also be given instructions that will walk them through step by step. I have put the instructions below in paragraph form so the…

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  • Magnet Pre Assessment

    The pre-assessment for the magnet unit was a multiple choice/fill in the blank ten questions written assessment that students were asked to complete to the best of their abilities. This assessment was utilized to assess students’ general knowledge of magnets before beginning the unit. However, since the South Carolina State Standards do not require students to study magnets until second grade, I did not expect students to score high on this pre-assessment. After viewing the data collected…

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  • Temporary Magnet Essay

    CHAPTER II. REVIEW OF THE RELATED LITERATURE A. Temporary Magnet Temporary magnets are those that essentially demonstration like permanent magnets when they are inside a strong magnetic field (Jezek, 2015). They are not like permanent magnets when it's not around in a magnetic field because it loses its own magnetism. Temporary magnets cannot remain magnetized on their own (Boyer 2017). Paperclips, press nails, and other comparative things are cases of temporary magnets. Temporary magnets are…

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  • Importance Of Flux Density

    Let’s say a coil wound on an iron core. A current is applied and flux is produced. When the current is slowly increased and the values of B are plotted against H will us a B – H graph from 1 to 2 like in the diagram above. At point 2 more increase in current would not produce an increase in B and therefore the current is said to be saturated. When the current is turned off at this point, the iron core will stay magnetised and form a permanent magnet. When the current is slowly reduced from the…

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  • Instructional Decision Making

    There were examples of this use in our classroom that students referenced during the class discussion. Additionally, students described magnets being used on their refrigerators to hang their artwork, notes, and/or pictures. Several students discussed toy trains that connected by using magnets. Although these are perfect examples of how many people use magnets in our everyday lives, my desire was for students to learn about ways that magnets make a big impact because of the way they are used…

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  • Evaporation Lab

    atoms/elements can be found on the periodic table separately. That magnetic means attractive force to a magnet and, that Iron powder is magnetic. Magnetism is a physical property because it is a reversible property and it can be observed without changing the substance into something new. Solubility is the ability to dissolve in water and salt is able to dissolve in water. Solubility is a physical property because its reversible, it changes in size and shape, and it can be observed without…

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  • Magnetic Field Therapy Research Paper

    Negative magnetic therapy can also cause a calming and sleep inducing effect on the brain and body. According to Dr. Philoptt (2002) melatonin has been shown to be an anti stressful, anti aging, anti infectious, anti cancerous, and produce free radicals. There are thousands of diseases that are led by stress, infections and aging magnetic therapy can contribute to the treatment of these stressors. Pain and Injuries According to Dr. Marcus Laux (2009) patients suffering from the painful…

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  • Differences Between Machine And Induction Machine

    Here the induction machine is taken as example. The induction machine equivalent circuit is as shown below: Figure 11 Induction machine equivalent circuit As shown in Figure 11, the parameters required are: stator resistance R_s, stator referred rotor resistance〖 R〗_r ', stator leakage reactance X_ls and stator referred rotor leakage reactance X_lr^ ', magnetizing resistance R_m and magnetizing reactance X_m. To acquire the parameters 3 different tests are set: no power test, no load test and…

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  • Model Scenarios

    Model Scenario During recess on a sunny August afternoon, I noticed several of my students gathered together on the sidewalk. I walked over to see what the fascination was about, and found that one of the students had several types of magnets and other materials. The students appeared to be genuinely interested in discovering what would and would not attract to the different types of magnets. Once we returned to the classroom, several students made statements about characteristics and…

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  • Speaker Cones Essay

    The chassis The prime function of the chassis is to provide a frame so magnet and suspension systems can be attached. Whether this is made of plastic or metal is a decision strictly limited by the RMS power that the speaker can handle. High power performance can create heat of around 250°C(Langford-Smith, 1957, p. 835) hence the need for a metal chassis. It helps to dissipate heat and is sufficiently stiff. Another choice has to be made in choosing a stamped or cast metal basket. The latter…

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