Magnet Pre Assessment

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The pre-assessment for the magnet unit was a multiple choice/fill in the blank ten questions written assessment that students were asked to complete to the best of their abilities. This assessment was utilized to assess students’ general knowledge of magnets before beginning the unit. However, since the South Carolina State Standards do not require students to study magnets until second grade, I did not expect students to score high on this pre-assessment. After viewing the data collected from the pre-assessment, it was clear that the students’ knowledge of magnets was minimal. Fifteen out of the twenty-one students who took the pre-assessment had some knowledge of objects that were magnetic, with the top answer being a refrigerator (question …show more content…
After collecting data from the magnet pre-assessment, it was obvious that students have minimal knowledge of how magnets are used in everyday life. Because of this data, the Prezi presentation “Magnets All Around Us” was included in this unit plan to aid students in reaching learning goal three. Up to this point in the magnet unit plan, students have explored how magnets are used in the classroom during the “Magnet Scavenger Hunt” and in unexpected areas during the “Magic Dollar” experiment. With the combination of the “Magnet Scavenger Hunt,” “Magic Dollar” experiment, and the Prezi presentation, “Magnets All Around Us,” students will reach learning goal three successfully. The Prezi presentation provides students with images and details of ways magnets are used in our everyday lives. The Promethean board will be used for the viewing of this presentation. During the presentation the teacher will lead a whole class discussion about each item, answer any questions the students may have, and formatively assess whether students are understanding that magnets are used for much more than hanging a picture or note on their refrigerator doors. The Prezi presentation, “Magnets All Around Us,” will allow students to see how magnets are used in the medical field, transportation, in their toys, and how large items can be moved using magnets. Since there are students who struggle to read, images are used in the presentation and important details are discussed verbally with the class as a whole. To further assess students understanding, students will be required to complete an exit slip listing three ways magnets are used in everyday lives. A list of at least two different ways magnets are used in everyday life will indicate mastery of learning goal three. Finally, during the “Wrap it Up” questions at the close of the lesson, students’ understanding will be

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