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  • Speeches About Identity

    The theme I will be following is identity. We all come from somewhere; we all have backgrounds and pasts; we all have an identity that’s more than just a name. September 30th of 1999, I entered this world. I was given the name Sherri, and I was full of potential. My personality could be shaped by anything, bits and pieces of who I am today were things I picked up in my past. I could tell you my life story, but I couldn’t exactly pick out how I came to be this way. To tell you about parts of my identity, I can tell you about how I discovered some of my taste in music and about how very eventful my teenager life is. Part of my identity is made up of music. I have a very expansive taste in music. If you were to hit shuffle on my playlist you’d…

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  • Magnification Loupes Essay

    Magnification Loupes in U.S. Entry–level Dental Hygiene Programs – Occupational Health and Safety written by Dongdon, Tolle, Darby (2012) The purpose of this study was due to improving dental hygienists environmental stressors and improve occupational health of dental hygienists by the American Dental Hygienists’ association’s (ADHA). The National Dental Hygiene Research Agenda states that occupational health and safety introduced the magnification of loupes so that it could reduce stressors…

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  • Essay On Fresh Yoghurt

    Under 100x magnification – a view of purple rod shaped bacteria/bacilli; some appear as either single rods or paired rods (diplobacillus). Yoghurt prepared – under 40x magnification Yoghurt prepared – under 100x magnification * Fresh yoghurt. Under 40x magnification – a view of loads of bacteria moving about with undefined shapes. Under 100x magnification – an indistinct view of loads of varied bacteria moving about, such as diplococci, streptococci, staphylococci,…

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  • Diamond Value Of Diamonds

    VS2 (Very Slightly Included 2), Inclusions/Blemishes are difficult to spot under 10X magnification by a trained professional. SI1 (Slightly Included 1), Inclusions/Blemishes are seen under 10X magnification by a trained professional. SI2 (Slightly Included 2), Inclusions/Blemishes are seen under 10X magnification by a trained professional. I1 (Included 1), Inclusions/Blemishes are obvious under 10X magnification I2 (Included 2), Inclusions/Blemishes are obvious to a trained professional I3…

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  • Hunting Optics Essay

    It can be measured in degree as angular field of view or in feet as the width of the area viewed at 1,000 yards. As the field of view increase, the image clarity get poorer. Also, a higher magnification means a narrower field of view. • Eye Relief Eye relief is measured in millimeters as the distance indicating how far the scope can be held from the eye while still seeing the entire field of view. People wearing glasses would love a longer eye relief • Exit Pupil If you love brighter images…

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  • Importance Of Light Microscope

    Introduction. Light microscope is an instrument which used to magnify small specimen which cannot be seen through naked eye, by using a light source. It helps to magnify the small object to 1000* times than the real size of the real object. In light microscope light ray is send and it travel as a beam through the specimen and then through the lenses finally producing a magnified image. But this mage is inverted. If it’s necessary to erect we have to use another extra lens. To get a clear image…

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  • Golf Rangefinder Research Paper

    Usually, the maximum range coverage of golf rangefinders varies between 800-1600 yards, and when it comes to accuracy, most of them claim to have it within +/- 1 yard. A good golf rangefinder will combine the two perfectly, having a big range coverage, and a decent accuracy, therefore you should go for this kind of model to actually feel an improvement in your game, even if it will cost you more than other models that can't offer the same range coverage. It's important to pay attention to the…

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  • Importance Of Compound Microscope

    The relation between the magnification and the working is inversely proportional; when the magnification is bigger the working distance becomes smaller. Experiment 2: field of view of the high-power objective Materials: Compound microscope Transparent ruler Procedures: Use a transparent ruler that serves as a specimen. Turn on the illuminator of the microscope, use the nosepiece to put the scanning objective (4X) magnification. Place the ruler on the stage. Move the stage clips so that…

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  • Onion Cell Experiment

    the necessary adjustments for a clear view of the cells starting form a lower powered objective (x40 magnification). 10. Slowly increase the magnification for more detailed images.  For cheek cell: 1. Take a clean toothpick and scrape the inside of your cheek. 2. Slide the toothpick on your slide to put the cheek cells. 3. Place a drop of methylene blue on the cheek cells. 4. Put the cover slip on the cheek cells starting from the one side of it. 5. Gently push the cover slip towards the skin…

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  • Low Blindness Assessment

    In a LogMAR (logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution) test the distance between different sizes is the same throughout the test, to test good and poor vision. The directional E, Landolt rings can be used when letters cannot be read. Matching tests such as the LH symbols are mainly used to test vision of young children. (Keeffe, 2004) LogMAR chart LH cards in testingvision for children Distance visual acuity should be…

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