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  • Diamond Value Of Diamonds

    love and beauty are what make diamonds so precious. The fascination with diamonds isn't a modern-day phenomenon. Their history is entwined with the history of the world itself. A Roman naturalist in the first century AD described a diamond as "...the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in this world." Every ton of rock yields barely a half a carat of diamonds, which makes mining a long and arduous process. By slipping a diamond on your finger you not only wear a precious stone, you wear a piece of history millions of years old. Diamond Value Diamond value is based on four interrelating factors known throughout the world as the 4 C's. Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat have been used for decades in…

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  • Diamond Diamonds Essay

    The conflict diamonds started to be present and problematic in Sierra Leone as soon as DeBeers mining company took control of all diamond prospects throughout this region. Although DeBeers was keeping a moderate watch on the trading and actions being taken through it, traders from Lebanon (bordered by Syria and Israel to the south) were able to easily smuggle and mine diamonds out through the company. Later towards the 1950s, countries, such as Sierra Leone, had to give up the chance of…

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  • Diamond Engagement Rings

    Imagine a picture perfect proposal. Is it a man getting down on one knee and presenting a sparkling diamond ring to his now fiancee? While there is nothing wrong with a grand romantic gesture like a proposal, there are a few issues revolving diamond engagement rings. It has become a tradition for female brides-to-be to flaunt them, but how did this originate and why do we still do it today? Because they serve no real meaningful purpose, diamond engagement rings should not continue to be used in…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Diamonds

    Ever since the early 1920’s Diamonds have became the most valuable rock known to westerners. The side most people don’t know about is what happens in the region most of the diamonds come from. From the mass murders to the underage children working for less than a dollar a day. The system is weekly regulated and more than 30% of the diamonds bought don’t have legal papers of placed mined. Diamonds are also smuggled from different places by minors and back dowered by guards and armed forces. The…

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  • Diamonds: The Hope Diamond In The World

    Diamonds. These small and rare rocks have been considered prized possessions throughout the ages. Diamonds are as old as the earth itself, and ever since their discovery they have captivated humans. Diamonds have come to represent many things, but in this paper, I will focus on power. I will track a certain diamond through its’ dated 350-year period, and use it to understand the individuals who owned it and the power it gave them. The diamond I refer to is the hope diamond. The Hope diamond is…

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  • Analysis Of The De Beers Diamond

    Cecil Rhodes was a scammer. Advertisements by Cecil Rhodes have been known to be scams; this theory stimulated from several observers. This viewer watched the De Beers diamond ads continuously by the founder Cecil Rhodes and the (CSO) persuading and scamming men to make purchases to express their love. The De Beers diamonds created a visual image for advertising as an appeal for a metaphor of how a diamond gives value as a lifetime commitment to a potential or future wife by paying over value…

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  • The History Of Diamonds

    Johnson “the name "diamond" comes from the Greek word, "adamas" meaning unconquerable. Fittingly diamonds are made of pure carbon, and diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man” (n.p). Diamonds are a symbol of love and coming in different colors and shape sizes as these gems can be transparent, truculent white, yellow, green, blue, or brown. The diamond is considered by many to be the “king of gems,” and in antiquity was often paired with the pearl as its queen. According to the…

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  • Size Of Diamond Research Paper

    Colour of a Diamond by its Size Medium-sized princess cut diamond. Large round brilliant cut diamonds. Small-sized fancy cut diamonds. Yellow diamond. Orange diamond. Blue diamond. Red diamond. White diamond. Cognac diamond. Just like people, diamonds are unique. They come in many sizes and colours and can be cut in numerous ways. Also, similar to people in the respect that works well on medium-sized memorial diamonds might not work well on large cremation diamonds, or small to medium-sized…

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  • Synthetic Diamonds Swot Analysis

    new competitors, but from a new line of diamond products. This product is known as synthetic diamonds. They are a lot more cost efficient for consumers as they do not require as much resources to produce. Synthetic diamonds are also gaining more applications in various fields making them more versatile in their use and is a threat to DeBeers future operations when it comes to market share, and future cash flows. This is quite different from the time that they were a monopoly on the world market.…

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  • Essay On Blood Diamonds

    Blood Diamonds “Dig or Die” is a phrase often used when talking about our world 's most loved gem, the diamond. Many precious jewels are faceted with conflict. Blood diamonds, or conflict diamonds, are diamonds mined in war-torn countries by antigovernment groups (Blood Diamonds). These militias use the money to aid their cause. Wars fueled by these diamonds have taken over 3.7 million lives, in countries such as Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo and Liberia. Most people do not know what was sacrificed…

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