Diazonium compound

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  • Azo Dye Lab Report

    first discovered the azo dye on accident after adding alcohol to a product in the lab. They have the ability to do this due to the molecules of the dyes possessing conjugation. Conjugation is defined as p-orbitals overlapping which causes the electrons within to be delocalized; it is also seen in molecules and compounds that contain alternating double bonds. Systems that possess conjugation absorb energy in the ultraviolet-visible region of the spectrum to cause excitement of electrons and the transitions. When the electrons get excited, they jump from lower energy levels, to an excited…

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  • Guided Reading Lesson Plan

    By creating guided reading lesson plans, I was able to help my students develop their phonemic awareness by incorporating word work activities that involved working with multisyllabic words. Therefore, the students were able to understand that words and syllables are made up of sequence of sounds. The word work activity in the informative text got the students to increase their vocabulary and spelling knowledge by working with compound words. The word work activities in both lessons also…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Beowulf

    In the compound “slaughter/fall” (125) the second element can not only mean “a fall in battle” but also “feast” or “fill.” So there is sometimes doubt about accuracy in translating. In the Finnsburh Episode the Danes are fighting the Frisians, and the poet says: “So they offered terms [of peace]” (1085). The “they” (hig) is indefinete and could refer to either warring party – intentional ambiguity; there is debate among scholars as to the proper referent of “they.” In line 1149 a sea-journey is…

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  • Phonological Medley Analysis

    medley. The phonological medley equips students with the ability to use two syllable compound words. This lesson model assists students in becoming familiar with blending, deletion and segmentation. It is presented on chapter five titled Phonological Awareness and the lesson is on page 132. 2. Why did the approach appeal to you? What did you like about it? Why would you recommend it to other teachers? The phonological medley is a highly interactive lesson that gives students the opportunity…

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  • Liquid Compounding Process

    1.0 PURPOSE: To implement a process that will ensure that non-conforming batches will go through the correct process and procedure for correction/adjustment and that all documentation and subsequent batch releases are issued to the work order for filling. This procedure will also eliminate accretion of previous blends in the liquid compounding area. 2.0 SCOPE: This procedure applies to the Liquid Compounding, Pre-weigh area and Lab. 3.0 RESPONSIBILITY: It is the responsibility of the…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Teaching In Honey Bees

    Teaching in honey bees Teaching is widespread throughout the human’s species, however for other organisms, while social learning is commonly found, it is not currently clear how common teaching behaviours are within other organisms. Furthermore, the research that has been conducted tends to surround animals, for instance, Meerkats as they learn to defend themselves against scorpions (Thornton & McAuliffe, 2006) or the ability for New Caledonian Crows to learn to shape hooks to use as tools…

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  • Organ Donation Pros

    It is no secret that we are on the verge of making both technological and biological progress. Imagine a scenario in which you were fighting for your country or perhaps your family and unfortunately you lost your arm, your leg, or even part of your face. Today, we see these losses as needing a prosthetic, which is a device that is made from plastic or metal that takes the place of the body part that was lost in order for you to maintain a proper functionality within society. I think a better…

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  • Water Solubility Experiment

    Cassamajor, Kimberly P1 R1 S4 Science Fair Research Paper Honors Chemistry Group Number 8 Research Paper The science fair topic at hand is whether or not chemical compounds affect water 's heat resistance/reception. In other words, how does the temperature of water (H2O) change when chemical compounds - such as sodium chloride and sucrose - are added? In this experiment, the independent variable is the chemical compound being tested while the dependent variable is the temperature of the…

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  • Melting Points Of Melting Point Experiment

    In this experiment one, are determining the melting points of different crystalline substances following a specific procedure. By finding the melting point of a crystalline substance, it helps determine what kind of compound it is as well as initiate the purity. A DigiMelt apparatus can be used to determine the melting point where a small amount of the the substance is packed into a capillary tube and heated slowly in the apparatus which includes a thermometer, a heating coil and a magnifying…

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  • Importance Of Inhibition Efficiency Of Polymers

    tract The inhibition efficiency of polymers are highly dependent on group functionalities as well as adsorption characteristics, electronic properties, and molecular weight. The modification of these properties pave the way for future research in inhibitor technology. Introduction The inherent protection of metals and their alloys used in industry are of the upmost importance when it comes to longevity and reliability of structures. Many chemical compounds have been developed over the years…

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