Guided Reading Lesson Plan

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Before reading this text, I will meet with my ELL students to develop lesson plan more specific than the rest of the group may need. I know that being able to summarize will help ELLs with reading, so I know this activity will be a great activity as they can draw and write what they read about the story. The students will be able to draw the main events in the story according to the timeline (boxes) of events they construct on their worksheet. If the ELLs struggled with reading, then there is an online version where the students can listen to the story while they draw and describe the main events in the story. Extra time will be spent to pre-teach vocabulary in the book that the student may not know like creep, fork, gorge, bolts, figure, …show more content…
By creating guided reading lesson plans, I was able to help my students develop their phonemic awareness by incorporating word work activities that involved working with multisyllabic words. Therefore, the students were able to understand that words and syllables are made up of sequence of sounds. The word work activity in the informative text got the students to increase their vocabulary and spelling knowledge by working with compound words. The word work activities in both lessons also involved systematic and explicit phonics since the students had to identify syllable patterns in the words in addition to me modeling to the students how I decoded words that were difficult like multisyllabic words. The students were able to improve their knowledge of concept of print through buddy reading, Read Aloud, and Reader’s Theater activities. These activities got the students to see how other people modeled good reading skills while applying their knowledge of concept of print during their scripted performance in Reader’s Theater. Therefore, I was able to successfully meet the performance-based standard 1. 2 for teachers by creating 2 different guided reading lesson

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