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  • VWII Reflection

    To be honest, I was feeling a bit discouraged at that point. I didn’t have the same feeling I had with the mask at this point that I had had with the open mic. My accuracy wasn’t as good with the mask. I was thinking “Maybe I am not as good at this as I thought.” As I finished my first dictation in a long time with the mask, I was waiting for the accuracy score to read 94 or 95% because that is what I am used to seeing. I was very pleasantly surprised to see scores or 98% or better! This was the encouragement that I needed. I worked with the Open Mic for the rest of the week and then switched back to the mask with a lot more confidence. I now plan on alternating weeks between the mask and the open…

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  • Women Elite Leaders In China Research Paper

    In China, few researchers have explored women elite leaders’ ambition and competition with other women, or their relations, to develop relationship-based approach to women leadership. In my research I will explore how women elite leaders perform their ambition and competition between women in China. I will focus on women elite leaders’ experiences of social relations who are at the top of hierarchies as directors of Chinese listed companies. Moreover, I will explore some positive aspects which…

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  • Margery Kempe Deviation

    chronological recollections that led them to a significant part of their lives. The Book of Margery Kempe can be described as a complete deviation from the traditional style of an autobiographical novel as Kempe speaks from a third-person point of view in which references to herself in a unorthodox style—in a continual dictation of her story in which an unknown priest tells the tale of her journey to obtaining a relationship with Christ in a scattered order of events. As a deviating novel from…

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  • Speech Recognition Research Paper

    Speech recognition is used for two main purposes. First and foremost dictation that is in the context of speech recognition is translation of spoken words into text. Second controlling the computer, that is to develop such software that probably would be capable of authorizing a user to operate different applications by voice [1].some of them described below: 1. People with disabilities can benefit from speech recognition programs. Speech recognition is especially useful for people who have…

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  • Effects Of The Vietnam War And Its Effects On Migration To Australia

    country that was making a move towards multiculturalism. Since the Vietnam War, the influx of migrants has improved and new relationships have been forged with countries around the world. Although Australia is a culturally diverse nation, it all started with the abolition of the infamous White Australia Policy. By 2011, over 180,000 Vietnamese born people had migrated to Australia. In 1901, after Federation, the White Australia Policy was introduced. The overall aim of the White Australia Policy…

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  • Mask Observation Report

    One day, my accuracy scores are great and I am feeling encouraged. The next day, it’s like we are back at square one. I never had this issue with the open mic. My accuracy always got better and I always ended my practice feeling encouraged. When working with the open mic, my accuracy scores were at 96% or higher. When working with the voice mask, my accuracy scores seemed to plummet! My initial scores seemed be in the low to mid 90s but at times in the high 80s. Most of the dictations…

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  • The Quilt Of Our Country Analysis

    What is the immigrant contribution? Kennedy and Quindlen show their views in their essays “The Immigrant Contribution” by Kennedy and “The Quilt of our Country” by Quindlen. Each author approaches the topic with a different voice and technique. In these two stories Quilden and Kennedy talk about how America is made by immigrants and yet everyone still comes together as one. First of all it starts with dictation. Which is the tone of the writing. These views differ based on character. Quindlen…

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  • Presentation Portfolio Assignment

    demonstrate the hard work, dedication, and sacrifices that I have gone through to be able to achieve this goal. Years 1-2 11. Identify at least 3 skills you need to acquire while here at Full Sail to achieve your goal. Without certain skills I wouldn’t be able to accomplish my goal of becoming an international recognized Television reporter. First of all, I will need to master the skill of camera manipulation in order to communicate my message clearly to my audience without having them think…

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  • Dogme And Emergent Language Theory Influence Classroom Practice?

    same time provides them with writing practice. Activities of such nature can lead to an interactive and collaborative communicative process between the students’, by giving them practical activities to do, to assist with the language learning process (Harmer, 2007, p. 396). Through this the students are producing language, even though it may not be right, the teacher can encourage the release of the language then help fill in the gaps. The teacher can then encourage the students to engage with…

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  • My Parenting Styles

    since I have my own value. Also, I will tell myself that I can deserve better and find my true friend without pleasing. When I was in primary school, my parents would help to arrange my time and set many goals for me to achieve. For example, they expected me I could get passed in dictation as they thought it was very easy for me. However, I failed. Luckily, my parents would not punish or blame me as they knew I tried my best already. They would also encourage me to do better and they would do…

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