Effects Of The Vietnam War And Its Effects On Migration To Australia

“White Australia Succumbs to the Yellow Peril”
The Vietnam War and its Affect on Migration to Australia

The Vietnam War significantly changed the nature of migration to Australia. When the White Australia Policy had been abolished, the Racial Discrimination Act and the Universal Migration Program were introduced. When the Vietnamese refugees began to arrive in Australia, they were welcomed into a country that was making a move towards multiculturalism. Since the Vietnam War, the influx of migrants has improved and new relationships have been forged with countries around the world. Although Australia is a culturally diverse nation, it all started with the abolition of the infamous White Australia Policy. By 2011, over 180,000 Vietnamese born people had migrated to Australia.
In 1901, after Federation, the White Australia Policy was introduced. The overall aim of the White Australia Policy and other related legislation was to limit non-European immigration to Australia, particularly Asian immigration. This would thereby preserve the predominance of the British within Australia. Non-Europeans immigrating to Australia were subjected to a Dictation Test, in which the applicant was required to write fifty words in any
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In 2006, the fastest growing refugee group was from Sudan, followed by Afghanistan and Iraq. The large number of refugees that have arrived in Australia has improved relations with countries around the world. The close family and community bonds between people around the world have also led to closer trade ties, cultural understanding and international cooperation. One of Australia greatest achievements gained by accepting Vietnamese ‘boat people’ has been the number of Australians with Vietnamese heritage that have gone on to contribute to Australian life in a variety of areas. Vietnamese Australians have also started to make a major impact on Australian

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