What Is The Role Of Refugees In Australia

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Tutorial 4 Report – Global International Migration
Refugees and asylum seekers within the context of the Australian migration policy

Refugees and the Global International Migration
The forcibly displaced population is a major area of interest in the Global Migration field due to the growth of such population. According to the data provided by the UN, in 2014 was registered a 59 million of the forcibly displaced population. One year later, the UN annual, indicated that up to 65 million of population forcibly displaced which demonstrates the rapid population growth. In other words, this data is comparable to the Singaporean population (5.733.944) as a reference on the amount of worldwide population seeking asylum or refugees due to conflicts
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According to the research by the professor Hugo (2011), there are two main contributions of human’s entrants into Australia: the economical and the social.
The human’s entrants into Australia impacts positively in the growth of the country as stated by Hugo’s research (2011). Despite of the fact that the refugee’s population is the lowest settler’s rates of all migrant’s categories, this population characterized by the young age, the incensement childbirth in Australian average and the geographical incorporation of refugee population to metropolitan areas is characterized by the researcher as important factor of in the Australian economy for two main sectors: business and development in the humanitarian program.
In particular, most of this population starts a setup business, adds with the facility to labor market demand and establish economic connections with their relatives in the home country (Hugo, 2011. pp. 38) Moreover, the findings of the report also suggest that humanitarian entrants can help contribute to the development of the Australian’s Humanitarian Program by providing assistance to refuges in different
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This population arrives to Australia without documentation and has to wait for the resettlement while are in a centers located in Christmas Island or Nauru Island. Thus, which can be a time-consuming process.

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