The Happiest Refugee

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The Happiest refugee, by Ahn Do, is a memoir which tells the story of his family, his life before and after fleeing war-torn Vietnam, and his dramatic journey through pirate-infested waters.
Did you know that refugees contribute an average of $10 billion to the Australian economy in their first 10 years of settlement? Illegal immigrants don't come to Australia to commit crime; they come here to escape war-torn countries such as Iraq,Syria and historically, Vietnam. Despite this, the majority of white Australians have objections to the resettlement of immigrants. These objections come from stereotypes induced by the media (eg.all Muslims support terrorism), differences in culture and political ideologies/campaigns (eg. the boat policy and Pauline
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These people have had to flee from there homeland due to war, persecution, and poverty. They have risked their lives, traveling long distances, through wild weather and pirate-infested waters on small dilapidated vessels, with hundreds of people onboard. The Australian government perceives these helpless people as a threat to national security. When ex prim minister Tony Abbot was elected in 2013, he implemented a "boat policy". Essentially, this meant that refugee's boats were forced to turn around and return to their country. This policy is unethical because people are being sent back to war-torn countries, where they face certain death; whether is is during the journey home, or via increased persecution due to attempted escape. The boat policy is the government's way of saying " we don't care what happens to you, this is our country and you are a threat to us; re-board on your boat and return home". Because the public are influenced by politics and the media, we as Australians have begun to obtain the same uncaring attitude. The public generally believe that refugees come here to invade our land, modify our culture and wipe us out through terrorism. This belief is completely fallacious and destroying the lives of innocent people. These immigrant invasion theories remind me of an event that occurred throughout the late 18th,19th and early 20th centuries. This land was once owned by the indigenous people of Australia. Then the Europeans arrived and claimed it as their own. They murdered millions of aboriginals, destroyed their culture and inhabited their land. Australian society continues to reject the facts of what actually occurred; as a result of arrogance, we simply pretend that the invasion never happened. The issue of refugees cannot ontinue to be ignored. Australia, as a first world country, has the responsibility to accept the millions

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