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  • The Vietnam War: The Economic Liberalization Of Vietnam

    The country was first under the control of France in 1858, but in 1954 Vietnam declared its independence after World War 2. In 1954, the communist force of Vietnam won over France’s control. Vietnam was initially divided from south and north territory, with the US aiding the south territory of Vietnam. In 1974, Northern Vietnam eventually ran over the south territory, and finally uniting Vietnam as one. Vietnam was predominately a communist orientated country till 1986, when the “doi moi” renovation policy was enacted. The policy served as purpose to facilitate economic liberalization so Vietnam would have more competitive export driven industries. This policy nonetheless led Vietnam to more a capitalistic economic structure. The ethnic groups…

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  • The Vietnam War, Vietnam And South Vietnam

    Before Ky was born in 1959, Vietnam was divided into two states at the 17th parallel during the Geneva Conference of 1954. These two states were known as North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The North was governed by a Communist Party and the South was governed by the Republic of Vietnam. Since many of the people in the North feared the persecution from the Communist regime, nearly one million individuals fled for the South. Among these one million individuals was Ky’s family. By moving to the…

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  • Hybridity In Vietnam

    The Hybridity of Vietnam and American In the United States, there are nearly 41 million immigrants in 2012 (Nwosu). When people come into a new country, they will have their own culture, and it can change after time is passed over, but it is not completely change. It just meshes with another culture. According to the book, “East Eat West”, by Andrew Lam, he said, “the theme of hybridity is central to a global society, and a large part of that entails accommodating one’s tongue to the…

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  • The Vietnam War: The Causes Of The Vietnam War

    The Causes of the Vietnam War Callum Pastuszak The Vietnam War was one of the bloodiest conflicts post WWII, it is important to understand how it started and learn from our mistakes so nothing like this happens again. It was a war that revolutionised warfare for ever with the first widespread use of Grulla warfare and introduce many new tactics and weapons. It involved some 2.2 Million soldiers and $150 billion ($950 billion in todays USD). It is a war that should be used to learn off…

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  • Vietnam: A Short Story Of A Vietnam Soldier

    1.The narrator is a man who faces an emotional detachment from his brother who just returned from Vietnam. The narrator speaks in first person and goes into great detail with the relationship the narrator has with his brother both before and after his brother’s deployment. The narrator states “I always had good luck with numbers”(Erdrich 3). The story’s narrator goes to great extent to help bring back the brother he once had. The narrator has a close bond with his brother and wishes for better…

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  • Importance Of Nationalism In Vietnam

    The strategic implementation of nationalism in Vietnam was heavily effectuated in order to attain independence from French colonialism and imperialism. Utilising nationalism, the encompassment of uniting the spirit and aspirations of those that are communal to the whole nation; Ho Chi Minh is the most prominent and successful figure in creating a sense of national identity for the Vietnamese. From the duration of 1945 to 1954, the landscape of Vietnam under French imperialism were detrimental to…

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  • Vietnam French Influence

    Despite Vietnam being considered a developing country, the CIA released an estimate that over 93% of the total population, 15 years or older, can both read and write ("Field Listing :: Literacy"). Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia that lies on the eastern border of the Indochina. The relations between Vietnam and France began as early as the 18th century. But the French officially formed French Indochina in October 1887 which included current day Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. With the French…

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  • French Imperialism In Vietnam

    Communism was introduced into Vietnam by a man named Ho Chi Minh. Minh was an educated politician who was also a brilliant strategist. His communist party freed the people from French imperialism and united the country. Minh took many of his political ideas from other leaders due to his extensive traveling around the world. Minh had learned of guerilla warfare from Mao Zedong, and took ideas of a communist party from Vladimir Lenin. The communist party appealed to class struggles, as it gave…

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  • Vietnam Memorials

    place where they can go and show respect to deceased loved ones, traumatic events, and honorable people that have died. Memorials help us remember those loved ones and events that have occurred. Memorials are an important monument to help people with grieving and to say their final goodbyes. According to psychologists, memorials help survivors come out of the emotional shock they possess after such tragedy occurred. Survivors get a chance to show their respect to their deceased loved ones with…

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  • Effects Of Imperialism In Vietnam

    Indochina (the modern world knows this region as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia). Since French colonialism speculation against the French had increased in Indochina, and many natives struggled for independence. The struggle had started when the separated Vietnam into 3 separate regions, Annam, Tonkin and Cochinchina causing grief for the Vietnamese. Although, the French had provided the Vietnamese with education and leadership, the French took advantage of Vietnam by exploiting their resources of…

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