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  • Battle Of Vimy Ridge Analysis

    War. Battles are not always fought with guns and blood, it can be a fight for different ideas, necessity and equality, which can be seen through Canada’s history. Canada has continues to positively impact issues concerning human rights and equality on an international scale from the early 1900s to the present day by setting a good example for other countries to follow. Some significant events such as the Battle of Vimy Ridge, the Person’s Case and bringing home the constitution and the charter of rights prove this to be true. There are many battles that could demonstrate Canada fighting for human rights, but the Battle of Vimy Ridge explicitly portrays how important it is. The Battle of Vimy Ridge happened in April 1917 and lasted 3 days (Historica…

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  • Vimy Ridge Significance

    The Canadian Corps was ordered to take Vimy Ridge, located in northern France from Germany in April, 1917. The Battle of Vimy Ridge took place from April 9-12, 1917 and was a very meaningful victory for the Canadian soldiers. The success and the sacrifices made by Canada in the Battle of Vimy Ridge helped it become recognised by Britain, it was also the first time all 4 Canadian divisions fought as one and as an end result, Canada got a separate seat in the Treaty of Versailles. Due to the…

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  • Vimy Ridge Letters

    letter was written by John Leslie McNaughton, a Canadian soldier who served in World War. John joined the Canadian army in June, 1915, and was appointed overseas for one year, before his capture and imprisonment on May, 1917. 15 of the letters he wrote, including four he wrote after the battle of Vimy Ridge were recovered after the war. This specific letter was written in France, on 21st April 1917, days after Vimy Ridge, a month before his confinement, and later published online on the website…

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  • Battle Of Vimy Ridge Essay

    Prior to the Battle of Vimy Ridge, WWI was beginning to seem endless. Casualties began to build up to drastic numbers, forces were weakening, trenches were in horrible condition, and valuable resources needed for the war were depleting. A few number of battles during the First World War were somewhat successful, while most were considered a ground of large-scale chaos and butchery, which often resulted in a stalemate. One successful battle amongst the many that took place during World War I was…

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  • Vimy Ridge History Essay

    the First and Second World War and the Cold War have shaped Canada into what it is today. Events such as Vimy Ridge, where Canada had to fight against the German Sixth Army in a battle that no other country could win. This is the fight that would decide if Canada is truly its own nation that is able to hold its own. In the Second World War, Canada’s task was to raid a German occupied port called Dieppe. The events that followed…

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  • Vimy Ridge Success

    The battle of Vimy Ridge was one that is still remembered to this day for the quick and effective victory that Canada achieved. With several new implementations into military tactics, the battle of Vimy Ridge's success is attributed to meticulous planning, powerful artillery support, and tactical innovation. Firstly, Canada’s success at Vimy Ridge can be greatly credited to the fact that it was heavily planned for. In previous battles, troops were very unaware of what they were getting into and…

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  • Vimy Ridge Essay

    and dispersed as an independent nation. The next couple paragraphs will examine the battle of Vimy Ridge, women in the Great War, and the Treaty of Versailles benefitted Canada’s transition from a colony to a nation. This essay will be referencing the magnificent work of Garfield Newman’s, Canada: A Nation Unfolding, and Chris Trueman’s website, Vimy Ridge was located north of the Hindenburg Line, the Germans had it heavily armed with machine…

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  • The Battle Of Vimy Ridge

    Vimy Ridge itself was a very important strategic point as it provided a vantage point where networks of trenches from both sides could be seen plus the space between enemy lines or “no man’s land”. Under the command of British General Sir Julian Byng the Canadian Corps learned new platoon tactics, were assigned specialty weapons, studied the terrain, and rehearsed the assault as many soldiers had died already from trying to take Vimy Ridge from the Germans proving that the old tactics needed to…

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  • Vimy Ridge Informative Speech

    Today is Vimy Ridge Day in Canada to commemorate those brave individuals who fought during WWI at the Battle of Vimy Ridge. In honour of this day, I thought I'd share my experience at Vimy. Visiting Vimy may have been the most surreal experience I had on my 2014 Europe trip. Although I had visited many WWI and WWII memorial sites, Vimy Ridge was one that really resonated with me. The Canadian National Vimy Memorial is Canada's largest overseas war memorial site; it is located at the highest…

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  • Vimy Ridge Significance Essay

    Canada’s Significance The battle that Canada was most acknowledged for was Vimy Ridge. This battle established Canada’s role as a superior force. On the other hand, the battle of the Somme was not momentous for the Canadian Corps as they were not directly engaged in the combat. The battle at Vimy Ridge proved Canada’s importance as an inventive, courageous, and efficient military. However, the battle of the Somme was not a momentous battle for the Canadians. The main connection Canadian had to…

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