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  • Are Sirens Good Villains?

    Imagine that you live in a world where you can make people see you differently than who you actually are and force them to give power. By basic definition, a villain is a cruelly malicious person who is involved in or devoted to wickedness or crime; scoundrel. Two people that have the personality and have earned the title of being a villain are The Sirens, from Homer’s book the Odyssey and Queen Levana, from Marissa Meyer's book Cinder.While the Sirens are excellent villains, it is clear that Queen Levana is the best villain out of those two villains. It is true that the Sirens are a villain because they are evil, smart, and vengeful, they do these things just to survive and get food to eat. To begin, the Sirens are very evil. According…

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  • Heroes And Villains In The Song Of Roland

    Villains and heroes make up the plots of stories. You can’t have a story without a villain who will do whatever it takes to destroy someone’s happiness or destroy the world. But just because you have those characters does not mean it is always easy to figure out who is who. A lot of times heroes are just people who take out the bad guy and has his or her own personal issues. Whatever the case may be when it comes to our villains and their stories they always have a few things in common. They…

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  • The Three Villains In King Lear

    The Three Villains and Their Character in King Lear King Lear is a play written by William Shakespeare in the Renaissance era. Set in ancient Britain, King Lear is about King Lear retiring from his post, and deciding to separate his kingdom into three parts, one for each daughter. In order to swell his ego, Lear puts his daughters through a test of telling him how much they love him. Lear’s youngest daughter, Cordelia, does not go through the scheme and is disowned. Cordelia leaves to France,…

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  • The Role Of Villains In Fairy Tales

    Villains are evil ,but necessary. Good and bad co-exist in the world.The value of one cannot be realized without the presence of the other.In fairy tales ,villains serve a number of purposes apart from providing substance to the story. Usually, the evil characters are the antagonists who build against the protagonists that create a conflict in the story that actually help bring out the dynamics of heroism and character development in the protagonist.The protagonist doesn’t always…

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  • Heroes And Villains In Harry Potter

    Introduction Background The ‘Harry Potter’ series is arguably one of the most popular book series in history, described by Hoover (2007) as will “having long life because (…) the original readers will share it with their children, a family favourite for a very long time”. Although the series concluded in 2007, Pottermore, the fan-based website which spills small details that Rowling still discusses, received over one billion page views within two weeks of release. (via One…

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  • Beowulf: Similarities Between A Hero And A Villain

    A hero and a villain are two of the characters that appear in almost every movie we see. On one hand, I see a hero as a being that fights against evil to see more good happening in the world. On the other hand, a villain for me is a person who does evil to the world because its heart is filled with pure evil. In the poem Beowulf and the book Grendel, both of these characters are described differently, using both hero and villain features. In the two pieces of literature Grendel and Beowulf are…

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  • The Insanity Of Villains In Gravity Falls By Bill Cipher

    Villains are by no means the nicest kind of character, but can be considered without a doubt that if a villain wasn't evil, then there wouldn't be much of a story to tell! Some villains have personalities that can make them easy to relate to, but what villain can do such a thing? Certainly not Bill Cipher from the TV series Gravity Falls by Alex Hirsch, whose insanely evil, manipulative, and entertaining personality makes him such a dangerous foe? Bill is a Dream-Demon that has fun…

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  • Analysis Of Villains And Protagonists In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

    Villains and antagonists often prove to be some of the most interesting characters in literature and fiction. Examining their motives can provide greater understanding of the way individuals think as well as highlighting flaws in society or in cultural values. In act one scene three of Much Ado about Nothing, Shakespeare introduces Don John as the play’s antagonist through foreshadowing, divulges vital information to understand his character, evokes compassion for Don John from the audience, and…

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  • Good And Evil In The Handmaid's Short Stories

    fairytale is hindered through the traditional foundations of utilizing a hero and a villain. Through the assumption that good will always triumph evil, the necessary morals and values fail to grasp the whole picture. By producing such a story, the protagonist suddenly becomes the focal point of their tale. Doing so, it creates a void in the story as it grants specific characters the attention that they deserve. In this situation, the popularity and screen time of protagonists normally…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dragon

    fairytale in which I am the villain and the knight is the hero. I never wanted to be born like this and I mostly certainly don’t want it to continue happening. However, it cannot come to a halt. I have endless lives and endless nights and days to cry out in agony on how fucking bad my life is. When I try to speak, a blazing blue inferno pours out of my mouth. If you haven’t already realized, I am a dragon. My powers are not a gift but a curse. I don’t have the warm human touch as most mammals…

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