Fall of Saigon

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  • Close To The Bone Analysis

    of the American immigrants from Vietnam. In these stories, versions of paradise are both lost and gained. The experience is solely that of the Vietnamese refugees who fled Vietnam for America and other places in 1975 during the fall of Saigon. Lam’s stories depict the experience of the refugees; the vivid pursuit of the American Dream, the struggle that leads to transformation, mediation, and forms new ways of being in a foreign land. The story is narrated repeatedly in a convincing and a non-apologetic manner, regardless of how stereotypical the characters are…

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  • Vietnam Letters Home Analysis

    is so dedicated to our country. I am so honoured in having 2 men from my family in this way. News of ‘Operation Rolling Thunder’ is spreading and I can only worry what it will bring, the operation has 4 main objectives were to boost the morale of the Saigon regime, to persuade North Vietnam to halt supporting South Vietnam without taking any ground forces into communist North Vietnam, to destroy North Vietnam 's transportation system, and to stop the flow of men and materiel into South Vietnam.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Interview With Vietnam

    The purpose of the interview was to learn about Vietnam, the country where my informant was born and lived until 1975 when Saigon was invaded by the North Vietnamese. In addition, I had desired to see Vietnam from a perspective other than the Vietnam War where Americans fought. However, there is another reason I chose Vietnam, I work with students whose parents are from Vietnam even though the parents are a younger generation their culture is alive and lived out in their community. Some of…

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  • The Charlie Company: An Analysis

    Soldiers of the Charlie Company were ordered by Lieutenant Calley, on March 16, 1968, to leave the village of My Lai destroyed. During the Vietnam War, the United States supported South Vietnam and were in the process of fighting North Vietnam because of their communistic viewpoints. The fighting had been different than any other war, the Viet Cong's fighting style consisted of sneaky sniper attacks and booby traps. Their fighting style had aggravated the United States soldiers and they soon…

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  • Analysis Of Vietnamese Morning By Curt Bennett

    The Vietnamese War has always been a sensitive subject to Americans and the Vietnamese from that day forward. A poem named “Vietnamese Morning” written by Curt Bennett, truly speaks of that day. Bennett also reminds us how it is still affecting many of those men, women, and loved ones today. Curt Bennett was an American flight pilot during the Vietnamese War. Curt Bennett explains, expresses, and tells his experience throughout this poem, Vietnamese Morning. I decided to write about this…

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  • The Vietnam War, Vietnam And South Vietnam

    Before Ky was born in 1959, Vietnam was divided into two states at the 17th parallel during the Geneva Conference of 1954. These two states were known as North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The North was governed by a Communist Party and the South was governed by the Republic of Vietnam. Since many of the people in the North feared the persecution from the Communist regime, nearly one million individuals fled for the South. Among these one million individuals was Ky’s family. By moving to the…

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  • Fashion In The 1970s

    America’s 1970s, the decade nickname as the ‘Me’ Decade. It was a time to show your individual choice of outfit and color combination, expressing you and/or how you feel. And the viewer would also see the meaning and chooses the same style of outfit or oppose it. During this time, certain events like the Vietnam War, the protests for a group rights, and the uprising desire for a fitting ideal figure is an example that changed the way fashion represent its opinion in punk and glam look, the…

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  • The Crash Ken Cosgrove Analysis

    In the opening scene of the episode, “The Crash,” Ken Cosgrove is shown in a car with Chevy executives. They are loudly encouraging him to speed. One pulls out a gun and then the other covers Ken’s eyes, leading to them getting into an accident. This is the first we are seeing of Chevy’s treatment of Ken. Clearly, they are reckless both with their own safety but particularly with Ken’s. It almost seems like they are trying to get him killed. In light of this theory, Ken Cosgrove could easily be…

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  • Ship Me Home Book Report

    Written by Tim O 'Brien, “If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home,” is a nonfictional story of a soldier as he battles the physical, psychological, spiritual and emotional challenges that come with being on the frontline of war as an American soldier. With his personal account and presentation of events from a sensate perception, O 'Brien takes the readers through the pain and fear that many American soldiers went through as they fought during the Vietnam War. Its sheer rawness…

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  • Vietnam War Propaganda Analysis

    elections of leadership positions to include the office of the President of the United States. In Kennedy’s inaugural speech he uttered those often repeated words “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” ("1961-01-20 Inaugural Address") JFK uttered these words to tap into the idealism of many Americans to export democracy and capitalism. It is felt by many Americans that this message was used as propaganda to motivate an increase support by the United…

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