False Claims Act

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  • Civil False Claims Act

    In 1863 the federal government enacted the Civil False Claims Act, which also came to be known as the whistle-blower statute. Despite being given a derogatory colloquial name; the statute serves an essential purpose for dependency in government contracting. The law was strengthened in 1986 to provide a penalty of tremble damages in addition to 10,000 dollars per false claim against the defendant. The “whistle-blower,” now given the more pleasant term of “relator” may now collect between 15 and 30 percent of the recovery in these “qui tam” lawsuits. The recovery reward provides a great incentive for whistle blowers to act and maintain reliability within the federal contact industry. The filing process for the relator in qui tam cases is relatively…

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  • Whistle Plowing Examples

    employers who are conduciting unethical practices and that they should protect not only the source of income but also the image the company has. In many industries whistle blowing can be benefical to society it cause severe problems especially to the industry which it occurs. When the claims are true the issues can be solved however when dealing with false claims and law suits can cost a company millions of dollars and sometimes it may have been spent unnecessarily. By the time the company…

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  • Is Whistle-Blowers Worth Rewarding Whistleblowers?

    to sell off assets well below the market value. She also discovered that their goal was to write off debts as they also manipulated the bank’s financial data to grant the incoming chief executive officer amounts running into millions of dollars, and this contravenes ethical code of conduct in the banking industry. As a whistleblower, Rego rescued the banks and its stakeholders from calamitous outcomes that might have befallen them. The rewards system is a great approach in disclosing secrets…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Why Does Monsanto Sue Farmers Who Save Seeds?

    The company uses logos by giving a numerical value on how many lawsuits have been filed against seed infringement violators. In the article Monsanto states that various cases are settled before moving onto a trial, however when forced they have only filed 144 lawsuits since 1997 which averages about 11 per year in the past 13 years. This shows the reader that although Monsanto will go the extent of filing lawsuits against farmers who break the contract, the consumers are given the opportunity to…

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  • Defamation On Social Media Should Be Sued

    Defamation on Social Media Should Be Sued Defamation is an action of creating or spreading the wrong statement about someone. The defamatory statement is not in the form of opinion but in the form of fact. In order to claim a statement is defamation, the statement must be communicated to public. “Can You Be” (n.d.) explained that defamation is classified as either slander which is the spoken defamatory statement or libel which is the act of making written defamation. Defamation on social media…

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  • Who Controls The Future Analysis

    As a result, they ‘control the future’, as they controlled the past; the future will always live and learn under colonialist beliefs. Depiction of a False Hero This depiction of a false hero, Christopher Columbus, has made an enormous impact on the Native people. The misled depiction not only erases the injustices done to the Native population but also glorifies the western concepts of ‘conquest’ and ‘discovery’. It simply allows America avoid taking any responsibility for what happened to the…

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  • Case Study Angelique Pinkstaff

    Upon hearing her request, Davey threatened Pinkstaff by saying, “If you change this in any way I’m going to come after you.” Myers continued stating that Pinkstaff relented and signed the document. Myers noted regarding the February 8 meeting that no one contacted Alice Goff, offered Pinkstaff the opportunity to have Union representation, or offered Pinkstaff the opportunity to discuss this statement with her Union representative prior to signing. Myers states that the City does not have…

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  • Narrative Essay: The Day Before A Ride Along

    At least so I was told by the operator. We then went on an inspection of all the hydrants in the surrounding area. Where I helped open up and clean out the shut off valves, I also got more information and knowledge on all the different types of construction there is to be found in San Francisco. Mostly commonly false bricks, and the easiest way to tell the difference would be to look at the depth of the windows. We when completed the inspection and went on a drive around the surrounding area to…

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  • Media And Beauty

    girls and even older women feel as if they are not pretty enough? The answer to that question is the media. Everywhere we look, we see photo-shopped images that have taken away a woman 's wrinkles, freckles, blemishes, and has even changed her whole physique. When women see these "perfect" pictures, they begin to feel depressed about their bodies and wish they could look as good as the airbrushed, photo-shopped, and edited models in the pictures. The media has taken away natural beauty and…

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  • The Importance Of Visualization

    How does one recall their favorite book? It is different for everyone. For me it all comes down to visualization. Being able to see what is happening in my head during the story either makes or breaks it. I am a visual person who always seems to attempt to see the deeper meaning. In order for an author to catch me is to give me something to work with so that their words create a moving picture. There are few who are able to do this for me but when they do I binge on their writing. Patricia…

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