Familial hypercholesterolemia

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  • Case Study Praluent

    For patients with high cholesterol, Praluent, also known by its generic name, alirocumab, is the new FDA approved drug that is effective at improving liver function to lower bad cholesterol (Goldschmidt). Unlike other available medication in the market, Praluent is a completely new class of drug that enhance the lives of many individuals and provides an alternative method for treating cholesterol that will appeal to patients who do not see results from their current medication or experience severe side effects. Most current statins, like Lipitor, block the liver’s production of bad cholesterol. Praluent uses a different method in which antibodies target a protein called PCSK9 that generally maintains high levels of cholesterol in the liver (Goldschmidt). Patients currently have to take statin pills orally once a day. Patients who use Praluent will be required to take 75 to 150 milligrams of injections every other week (Clarke). While injections may not be the most ideal form of dosage, patients need to take it less frequently. It’s not that the existing methods aren’t as effective as Praluent; the current cholesterol-lowering methods just aim at a different cause of the problem. Since Praluent is a completely new drug in the market, doctors will not be expected to use this drug as their primary treatment for patients right away. However, for existing patients who do not see results from their current medication, Praluent is an alternative option that only has one competitor…

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  • Indigestion And Dyspepsia Case Study

    When a group of patients diagnosed with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP), an inherited form of precancerous polyps that afflicts the lower bowel were given curcumin and quercetin over a 6 month period. The number of polyps in the colon dropped by a 60%; the number of polyps that ceased to grow also dropped by 51%, on…

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  • Faap Biology Unit 7 Lab Report

    exchange is unequal in charge. Sodium and potassium are oppositely charged thus creating a difference in electronegativity. Also, more positive charges will leave than enter the cell which creates a more positive charge in the membrane/outside of the cell. Interactive Questions 7.9 How is cholesterol transported into human cells? Cholesterol is transported into human cells through receptor mediated endocytosis. Through this process, cholesterol fits on the receptors on the membrane. The cell…

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  • Cholesterol Vs Eating Eggs Essay

    Is there any reason to ditch the yolks? For some maybe, but not for most. For those individuals with diabetics or familial hypercholesterolemia, it's probably best not to have three eggs per day. Athletes competing in weight-class structured sports may be cutting calories. So cutting weight by removing the yolks could help keep protein higher. This in turn preserves muscle mass) while at the same time keeps calories lower. So breaking it down; each egg yolk contains 6 g of fat and 54 kcal.…

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  • Illness And Wellness Essay

    Patterns of Illness and Wellness Nadejda Kan NURS 301 School of Professional Studies CUNY FALL 2016 Abstract This paper addresses the patterns of illness and wellness of a 75-year-old woman presented to the Emergency Department at New York Medical Center with complaints of chest pain. Patterns of Health and illnesses are influenced by different factors such as age, gender, geographical location, social status, genetics, familial history, education and environment. Some of health…

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  • Personal Health Risks

    Cholesterol On my mother’s side of the family, the genegram showed that three out of five of my mother’s siblings, including my mom, have been diagnosed with high cholesterol. Additionally, all eight of my great grandparents died of heart related conditions, some of which died at very young ages. Both of my uncles with high cholesterol, as well as my mother, eat healthy foods, are physically active (in fact my Uncle Ray, at the age of 55, regularly takes 100 mile bike rides) are very slim,…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Babies

    Everyone has specific features and traits about themselves that they would like to change. Designer babies and the use of genetic screening allow parents to alter their children’s features and traits, personality, and health so that they can be in a perfect condition. Parents have the choice of what color eye they want their child to have, what shape face or nose they want them to receive and what color and type of hair they want their child to have. The process of genetic screening also…

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  • Functions Of Membrane Transport

    pinocytosis, and receptor-mediated endocytosis all involve a. the intake of large particles. b. invagination of the plasma membrane. c. the export of macromolecules. d. the presence of receptor proteins. e. the intake of fluids by the cell. Answer: b Textbook Reference: 6.5 How Do Large Molecules Enter and Leave a Cell? Page: 123 Bloom’s Category: 2. Understanding 61. Which of the following processes does not involve the uptake of materials into the cell? a. Exocytosis b.…

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