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  • Family Farm Research Paper

    Family farms have been around for many centuries in America. My family’s farm has been in our family since the 1940’s and was started by my late great-grandfather, Howard Daugherty. He was the backbone to our now 4th generation family farm. Throughout the years, from when he started the farm up until I was born there have been many struggles. Although there have been many hardships, our family farm has been in our family throughout the years. With the high demand for bigger, better and more technologically advanced equipment, communication has become increasingly easier on the farm. In the 1940’s when my great-grandfather started our farm, the price for crops in Oklahoma was very low. This made it very hard to make a living but for some reason…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Family Farm Life In Northeast Kansas

    In parts of Northeast Kansas there is not much to see. The countryside is full of empty fields, but farm animals graze in sufficient amounts. People there live what we know as the farm life. They grow their vegetables, raise their meat, collect their eggs every morning, and work hard for everything they have. There is a place special to me and my family on the outside rural area of Lancaster, Kansas. This community where my family farm is, off a random gravel road. When I talk about the “family…

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  • Family Farm Pluriactability

    Pluriactivity and The Changing Image of the Family Farm The past century of farming and agriculture production has survived countless economical hardships. By adapting and innovating the age-old process; farmers have created a new image of what the modern family farmer is capable of achieving while maintaining financial freedoms that are similar to larger industrial farms. This paper will elaborate on the factors that have forced the image of family farms to change over the years, as well as,…

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  • Analysis Of On Buying Local By Katherine Spriggs

    As I walk into my local Stop & Shop or Market Basket I am overwhelmed by my choices. I look at some of the products and sometimes I find pictures of small farms with wide green pastures. That is how the industrial food system wants us to interpret it, although I know this is far from reality. Most of these industrial farms do not even have animals, and the ones that do are simply awful. In the essay “The Future of Food Production, the author, Sam Forman mentions that as soon as food production…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Monsanto

    Most family owned farms do not have the disposable income to absorb the increased expenses of GMO seeds. Farmers are constantly battling ever-increasing production expenses, particularly equipment, fertilizer, fuel, and more recently, seed costs, in order to survive. As a result, many farms often struggle to make a profit or may not even break even at the end of the year. In addition to production costs, the patent infringement lawsuits placed upon farmers by Monsanto can be especially…

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  • Small Family Farms: A Case Study

    The dynamics of agriculture and the methods of food production continue to evolve and change with the growing globalization of the world. Whereas, the small family farms once supplied the food necessities of the population, now the larger more industrialized operations take precedence over this domain. According to Hoppe (n.d.), the small family farms remain the leading component in the overall count of farms in the United States, as well as, accounting for approximately half of the farmland,…

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  • American Farm Research Paper

    The Rise and Fall of the American Farm “The welfare of the farmer is vital to that of the whole country” said President Taft in the year (Taft). Farming played a vital role in the American way of life. Farms, were so essential to America, they served as the subject matter for artists, Alexandre Hogue and Anna Robertson Mary Moses. Each artist created a unique vision of the American rural farm that illuminated the emotions that were abundant during a particular time frame. Alexandre…

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  • Vertical Farming Challenges

    However, those that do will still be getting a source of income from the selling their farm to investment farms or even large scale operation farms. Furthermore, this option is classified as the most common in regards to family farms posing a threat by the year of 2040 (Tal, 2015). The challenges associated with the introduction of vertical farming becomes of future of production lifeline a big challenge that is currently overviewed is the technology use of artificial lighting and the high cost…

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  • Craftsbury Christmas Tree Farm Summary

    of Craftsbury Christmas Tree Farm during his twentieth season operating a small-scale tree farm, following the transformation that both the farm and Pete’s life undergo before, during, and after the peak Christmas tree season. The film will focus on the history of Pete’s ownership of Craftsbury Tree Farm, and raise questions of what will become of it as he gets older. The overarching theme of a family tree will intersect with the stories of the trees on Pete’s land. Treatment A handsaw is…

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  • Northeast In The Early 1800's

    consisted of both the New England states and the middle states. Most people who lived in the Northeast lived on small farms in the early 1800’s, but more and more people in that section began to look for other ways to make a living. Some in the Northeast looked to the sea for their living. Since colonial times, fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding had been important occupations. But changes in technology in the early 1800’s began to offer the people of the Northeast even more opportunities.…

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