Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

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  • Internet Trolls By Lisa Selin Davis Analysis

    On vine it’s popular seeing people making fun of gays or say “all gay people be like” and post a video of them acting like a gay person . Saying all gays act a certain way. The video is a high pitch voice man impersonate a gay person at the store or the bar saying “I’m not getting served or not getting help by customer service first because I’m gay.” Then shows a clip on the man saying a line “ I’m not getting helped because I’m gay eh ?” And than shows a clip of the gay man getting helped after what he said. This man is explaining to the internet that how all gay people act in a certain to get attention or be heard.To get treated in a better way because they are gay. This vine could affect people who are gay and aren’t because it isn’t true. Gays being married and even being open about being gay is a moral issue in today’s world that can also be a sensitive topic to many…

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  • Why Is Same Sex Parenting Wrong?

    of “mom and dad” we fail to recognize that lesbians and gays can be parents too. It’s not socially acceptable or even traditional, maybe that’s why so many people are against it, but why? Two humans raising a baby, why is it so wrong? Why does it have to be two of the opposite sex to correctly raise a baby the right way? If the baby is being raised with love why is it so wrong? does same sex marriage really Impact the child’s mental and physical health? There has been many research…

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  • Same Sex Parenting On Children's Development

    over time, more people will realize that LGBT families have a lot in common with traditional families” (Jennifer Chrisler). Why is it a problem if children with no home have two loving parents no matter what their sexual orientation? “Young adults brought up in lesbian families were more likely to be proud of their mother’s sexual identity as a lesbian than were children brought up in heterosexual single mother families”…

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  • Homosexuality Pros And Cons

    to issue a marriage license to a gay couple in Kentucky. Homosexuality is still an issue that some have come to accept while others still have their negative opinions about it. A sociologist name Ken Plummer…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The LGBT Community Should Have More Equality

    You just think they had a rough day, so you do not pay any attention to it. Dinner time rolls around, so you go to their room to procure them, but you see an empty bottle of pills. They will not wake up. You look on their desk after looking at their body, finding a note explaining everything. What would you do? Almost half the world is accepting of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community. However, there are still a numerous amount of cases dealing with LGBT suicides due to…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Being Gay And Lesbians

    born a homosexual and others say it is a choice. Either one can be the right answer but there is yet to be proof. Being gay or lesbian is not seen as a bad thing to many people. In the past few years, homosexuals have gained several rights such as gay marriage and adoption. They have also lost a lot of stigma attached to being gay or lesbian because society has become more accepting and understanding that some men like men and some women like women. Finally, they have gained rights and…

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  • Gay Rights Case Study Garrett

    he is gay, Garrett ran away from home and has been gone for several days. After staying with various friends, Garrett ended up at the homeless youth shelter. To better understand what methods should be taken to help Garrett, this worker will pay close attention the the cultural contexts of Garrett himself, his family, and his environment. Cultural Context Although gay rights organizations such as The Society for Human Rights and The Mattachine Society existed in the United States in the mid…

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  • Pride And Prejudice The Movie Essay

    portrayal of the life as a closeted stud living in a hyper religious household. The mother was a extremist Christian who was going to church as much as possible and would try to change her child so that no one would think her child was gay. This movie just really brought my reality to the big screen…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gay Marriage And Same Sex Marriage

    opposite sex it is the same sex. People have questions such as does it affect family members. Although many people would say it does not, it does. The people that are making the affect on their family are the ones to believe otherwise. They have made a whole new idea as to what society and what they should be like. Not only changing their families, they change their religion. Even though some gays or lesbians believe they can still be Christian and live…

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  • Sexual Orientation And Inequality

    have gay and lesbian orientation…

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