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  • A Career In Family Medicine

    that have prepared me for a career in family medicine. Such a field requires genuine interest, dedication, a sense of empathy and the ability to communicate and relate to patients of all age groups. The bond I have with my family and my culture have instilled in me values of respect for all that I have transferred to every relationship throughout life and medical training. Passion for medicine led me to live in other countries and immerse myself into their cultures. Finding a common cause in different parts of the world…

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  • Family Medicine Personal Statement

    I am eagerly looking forward to a career in family medicine. The very first time that I developed a penchant for family medicine was during my clinical rotations in China .Throughout my clinical rotations there, I came across countless clinicians who not only were well-learned and experienced, but also very much willing to guide and mentor students like myself. Someone who stood out amongst them was Dr. Xiu, an family practioner at Tianjin Medical University General Hospital. In him I saw…

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  • Personal Narrative: Family Medicine

    last minute. Letting my team down was definitely not an option. The last leg of the race was arduous to say the least but I pulled through and never gave up. My drive and determination to succeed gave me the strength to do so. A specific event that contributed to my decision to pursue a residency in family medicine occurred during clerkship. I was taking care of a young woman, diagnosed with lymphoma. The tumor grew to about the size of a cantaloupe encircling her entire neck. I asked why it…

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  • Importance Of Family Medicine Essay

    ESSAY“FAMILY MEDICINE”- A SPECIALTY.. A WAY OF LIFE INTRODUCTION Family medicine has been recognised as a specialty for decades in many countries. Like recognised specialties, family medicine has a defined body of knowledge, skills and attitudes, a research base and a post graduate training program. Despite its central and generalised importance to our discipline it is a “speciality”, unlike other specialties which deals only with a specific system…

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  • Family Medicine: Statement Of Purpose

    a heavy emphasis on missionary work and social service, and growing up I felt very connected to that experience. I was exposed to Medicine as a profession early on in my life, as many of my family members are physicians. I became even more interested in medicine as a teenager when my father became critically ill; I wanted desperately to know what was happening and what he needed to get better. I came to the United States from Venezuela with my family in 1997, after we survived a violent…

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  • Mapleton Family Medicine Case Study

    Improving Quality and Productivity at Mapleton Family Medicine Bethany Dyer B17004326 2/25/2018 Mapleton Family Medicine is a physician group located in the Midwest. The practice makes up eight physicians with two of them being owners, and the other six physicians are salaried. At Mapleton Family Medicine the owners are concerned with quality and productivity. Implementation of a new compensation program is being considered. Although physicians are the target for the pay-for-performance…

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  • Personal Essay: Pursuing Family Medicine

    The very essence of existence of mankind lies in the curiosity to find out the meaningful purpose of your existence which is obviously not just surviving in this world. Therefore, going after a career path that allows lifelong learning was imperative to satisfy my curiosity. My decision to pursue family medicine was not a straightforward one; multiple factors allured me to embark on the path of family medicine. The very thought of being able to provide care to every individual in every aspect ,…

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  • Family Medicine: A Personal Statement Of Purpose

    sitting in her room, listening to her doctor as he explained her condition and treatment. Even though I didn’t understand much, I noticed the doctor’s patience and the expertise with which he eased her fear. The confidence he imparted to my aunt and explanations done in simple terms made a great impact in my life. That day I started respecting the profession and developed a strong desire to pursue medicine…

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  • I Want To Pursue Of Family Medicine

    embarked on my medical journey years ago and it is what fuels my ambition for Family Medicine. The multitudinous and intricate working of the human body has always fascinated me. Each patient presents a different permutation. I witnessed Ampicillin improving a patient’s savage upper respiratory tract infection. Soon after, the same antibiotic caused an unsightly rash in a patient misdiagnosed with infectious mononucleosis. Such subtle but important clinical experiences teach me the importance of…

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  • Family Practitioner Research Paper

    A family practitioner is known as the first pathway for everyday people to call when any member of the family is sick; a physician who specializes in caring for the entire family, no matter the age or gender. They diagnose and treat a variety of medical issues, but if the problem extends their knowledge the physician will refer the patient to an outside specialist. They monitor the development and overall health of their patients regardless of their current medical state, these visits are…

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