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  • Informative Speech On Chaubelo

    Chabelo Have you ever had a pet that was almost like your friend or another family member? Well I have had one and it was a mini Labrador named Chabelo. I know you are probably asking why Chabelo? Some of you know that Chabelo is a Mexican show host that is really old and big and dresses up like it kid. Well my dog had a medium sized body and looked like he was a baby lab but a really big one that’s why we named him Chabelo. Chabelo will always have a place in my heart. Chabelo was playful, noble, obedient, and he was my first real dog that I ever had. First, Chabelo was a playful dog; we owned a 4-acre yard so all the yard was his. Chabelo always used to play with his ball he had a roll it all around. He also used to play catch a lot, I always threw him a stuffed animal so he can bring it back and I would throw it again and again. One of the most funniest experiences ever that I had with him is one time I threw him a stuffed animal in it accidently landed on my moms sunflowers, which she loved a lot, and Chabelo chewed all of them and my mom was so mad but between us I told her it was all the dog’s fault. Chabelo would always run behind my mom’s car and follow it. One morning my mom was taking me school and Chabelo followed the car all the way to the corner of Ross and 4th and that was far because I live out in the country. Second, Chabelo was a really noble dog. Most of you are asking why noble? Well a synonym for noble is kind and Chabelo was really kind. Chabelo…

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  • Emily Murphy's Contribution To Canadian Feminism

    involved a group of five women known as the “famous five”, Emily Murphy was a part of this group fighting for women’s right to be considered ‘persons’. Emily was also a part of the Dower act, this case was for an Alberta women who was left homeless after her husband sold their and property and left with all the money. Emily started this case so that married women could have property rights. Emily Murphy played a large role in gaining rights for Canadian women today. Emily was born in…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Being Famous

    English 08 March 2018 Can being famous make people happy Can being famous make someone happy? To answer this question I looked around and I believe being famous can make you happy for a few different reasons. For starters If you are famous you could do so much for people and that alone could bring you happiness. Another reason it can make you happy is you would make millions of dollars and money would never be an issue. Finally being famous can make it to where you are never forgotten. All of…

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  • Summary Of The Play Is Being Famous, A Faustian Bargain

    Skyelar McQuillar Honors Comp & Lit 3A November 4, 2016 Is Being Famous a Faustian Bargain? In the play ‘Faustus’, the main character, Doctor Faustus made a deal with devil. Faustus was very knowledgeable but he wanted more, he wanted black magic. In order to get that he sold his soul to devil for 24 years in return for Mephastophilis as his servant. Faustus signs the contract in his blood and has second thoughts on what he just did. Faustus begins to learn new spells and uses his gift as…

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  • The Mysterious Hartley House Short Story

    different house than the house that they had seen just that morning. The shape and colors were the same but everything looked wrong. She decided that maybe because she was so tired that she had dreamt the whole scene and so they biked back to their house and went to sleep. The next morning, Margaux and her brother passed the same house again except for it was in the same state they had seen it in the previous morning. She knew this time that she wasn’t hallucinating and that what she was seeing…

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  • The Miracle Birth Analysis

    know if they could come see her and draw pictures for her. Payton thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of them. It was one night around 1 am that Haden was woken up by Payton to go to the hospital. They got into the car and rushed there as fast as they possibly could go. When they got to the hospital the nurses were very kind in getting her in a room and taken care of. A few hours passed, here on September 15th, 2015, and it was time to give birth to sweet baby Addison Grace Clark. The…

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  • Famous Naomi Shihab Nye Analysis

    Nothing Extraordinary Most people think that being famous means they have to do something crazy or spectacular. People think that in order to be known in the world they have to be a talented singer, actor, athlete, or president; but, this isn’t completely true. Anne Frank, for example, wasn’t famous while she was alive; instead, her fame began to grow later due to her diary in which she wrote in about what happened in her life during World War II. Many people do something, such as write a…

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  • Famous Brands Case Study

    Introduction and Background Famous Brands Limited is a public company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa. The company is Africa's leading quick-service and casual dining restaurant franchisor. George Halamandres, who brought new ideas to South Africa relating to the food industry that he found while travelling in America. He successfully built and operated approximately 100 stores in South Africa, ranging from steak houses and take-away stores. Halamandres was one of the…

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  • Look At Me Margaret Atwood Analysis

    Margaret Atwood, author of Voice, suggests that the appeal of ‘getting famous’ is the “invitations to perform”, at “all the best places,” and having “only the best,” of everything fame can offer. Susan L. Smalley, author of Look at Me: Living in a society of attention-seekers, suggests that the appeal of being famous isn’t what it seems, for “who would want to be famous?” She suggests that if people were a “bit more content,” with their lives, they would find themselves to be “happy and kind,”…

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  • Compare And Contrast If I Were Rich And Famous

    People think that famous and rich people will have a comfortable and happy life. Therefore, most human dreams are to become rich and famous like Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates to improve their lives. However, richness and fame have both disadvantages and advantages which can enormously change people’s lives in many ways. In addition, I was born in a small peasant and harmony family which brings a frugal and warm life to me. Certainly, if I were rich and famous, my life would be…

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