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  • Bee Movie Content Analysis

    With the invention of the Internet has come with the creation of a whole new way people express their creativity. A common form of expression on the internet is through the use of fan made content, including things such as fan fiction and memes. In recent months, the 2007 animated film Bee Movie has received much attention on the internet through the use of this fan made content, in particular memes. Many of these memes are about making the film seem even more absurd through editing the film or its trailer. The making of these videos has created a new following and fandom for the film, where thousands of people create, share, and watch videos that are edits of the Bee Movie. However, these fans are not making and sharing content because they…

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  • My Pretty Pony Analysis

    They perceive Brony behavior somehow detracts from a young man’s masculinity. Yet there still remain delineations about acceptable norms for being manly while still actively participating in a fandom depending on the genre. The implication being a fan of a media franchise is fine, so long as that media text does not encroach against appropriate gender standards. Precepts regarding gender norms and acceptable gender roles are regularly enforced across social institutions from an early age and…

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  • Emma Watson Case Study

    This essay has employed the word ‘fan’ in more than one instance. Yet, what is a fan? It is someone who admires or loves an object of fandom such as a celebrity, a movie, or a sports team, for instance, and has extensive knowledge of that object (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Moreover, fans feel a deep emotional connection as well as an attachment to their fandom, which leads them to pass a considerate amount of time on it (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Additionally, fans are likely to…

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  • Orrin Klapp Definition Of A Hero Essay

    Throughout time, “heroes” have come and gone each leaving their mark on the world around them. A sociologist, Orrin Klapp, has noticed trends and patterns in how we as a society define our heroes and how we follow them. In the example of entertainers, he said it was their “box office (ability)” (Klapp 54) that brings in their fans and that can in turn lift them to the status of heroism. I feel it is not just the natural ability of the entertainer that elevates them to the status of hero but also…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Personal Experience Of Being A Fan

    Your #1 Fan Description: A Fan, you probably know one, or are one… And for generations, the western world has seen people fall under the admiration and desire to know more about pieces of pop culture, constituting them as ‘a fan’, from ‘Beatlemania’ to ‘Beliebers’ and everything in between. While the feelings may still be the same, how has the experience of being a fan changed? I talked to a fan, a creator and a publicist- three different people who have experiences in different angles on this…

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  • Identity And Fandom

    This study focuses on the fandom fighting to legitimise and de-legitimise a textual interpretation that envisions a potential romantic resolution between a female protagonist and male antagonist. At times, this has required drawing on a wide variety of literature, and this section will address necessary theoretical frameworks and definitions. Most key topics fall within the field of media studies, such as media representation, fans and fan-related issues of identity and hierarchy. There is also…

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  • The Importance Of Technology As A Part Of Our Culture

    In the sketch you can see already there 's are negative connotations associated with "fandom" (which consists of taste, class and gender) the actors dressed like stereotype 'nerds ' as in wearing glasses, acting like shy and wearing Star Trek memorabilia e.g . We answered some questions that were given to us in the lectures for instance "what are the production team trying to about fandom" I wrote that it 's was an easy to follow so you could become a fan of the show easily, gatekeeper - so it…

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  • Celebrities And Pop Culture Essay

    Celebrities and pop culture have taken over people’s lives. If someone walks into any store the one, and only thing that will always be there is a tabloid. But why do people love to know so many details about celebrity’s lives? Why are people so fascinated on being just like their favorite celebrity? People choose to worship celebrities because they want to live vicariously through them; people want to live a life that is comparable to their favorite celebrity. Celebrity worship or idolization…

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  • Celebrity Worship Syndrome

    “Celebrity worship is a prominent issue in Australia affecting girls between the ages of 10 and 21.” To what extent is this statement true? Introduction and Background Information Celebrity worship syndrome is a personality disorder that is becoming more apparent in 21st century Australia, and it is estimated that 36% of the general population have it. Several studies have shown that celebrity worship is more prevalent in adolescents, especially teen and preteen girls. When the British boy…

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  • Donly Fart Analysis

    Certain holy and sacred matters exist in the world. Things like the Bible, cute cat videos, Gandhi, and pizza are Earthly treasures that no one dares to tarnish. However, leave it to America to try. One brave soul on YouTube decided to demolish one of Earth's most famous musical masterpieces. Nintendo and Mario may never recover. AMERICAN ON YOUTUBE UNLEASHES FREEDOM ON NINTENDO AND MARIO At first glance, this might look like an innocent video honoring a birthday and an old friend. However,…

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