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  • Chinese Culture: Chinese Girl-Oriented Subculture

    inherited from Japan, including the terms such as “danmei” and “fujoshi”. The different is, Japanese girl subculture started before the Internet age, while the growing up of Chinese girl-oriented subculture cannot separated from the thriving of Internet. Both danmei and fujoshi connect with Japanese Dojin culture that generated in the late 19 century (Wang 2008). “Dojin” in Japanese is people who share the same interest, or fans of…

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  • Elements Of Fanfiction: On Trial For Kidnapping?

    Fanfiction: On Trial for Kidnapping? While many people find themselves indulging in late night binge-watching or gauging on unhealthy fast food, some would consider their guilty pleasure to be reading fanfiction. Fanfiction is a story written by fans that takes elements from a previously established setting and transforms the already fixed plot into something entirely new. The elements that pre-exist might be characters, locations, objects, or institutions adapted from another source. A…

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  • The Importance Of Technology As A Part Of Our Culture

    already there 's are negative connotations associated with "fandom" (which consists of taste, class and gender) the actors dressed like stereotype 'nerds ' as in wearing glasses, acting like shy and wearing Star Trek memorabilia e.g . We answered some questions that were given to us in the lectures for instance "what are the production team trying to about fandom" I wrote that it 's was an easy to follow so you could become a fan of the show easily, gatekeeper - so it 's easy for a fan to…

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  • Fan Fiction: A Personal Experience Of Writing Fanfiction

    I am a writer. I used to write fanfiction. I’ve been writing fanfiction about my favorite interests ever since I was in the seventh grade; I usually write angst or stories with happy endings. Writing fan fiction was a hobby of mine until I entered high school because I loved writing whatever was in my imagination and I get to express my thoughts and feelings. Nowadays, I write about analysis or evaluation of a story written decades ago. When it comes to essays or anything with a due date, I am…

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  • Emma Watson Case Study

    This essay has employed the word ‘fan’ in more than one instance. Yet, what is a fan? It is someone who admires or loves an object of fandom such as a celebrity, a movie, or a sports team, for instance, and has extensive knowledge of that object (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Moreover, fans feel a deep emotional connection as well as an attachment to their fandom, which leads them to pass a considerate amount of time on it (Kloet & van Zoonen, 2007, p.323). Additionally, fans are likely to…

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  • Persuasive Essay About Cheers

    Screaming fans and the aroma of popcorn filling the air at the football game. Looking up into the stands, I can see the support from all the student section fans and how proud they are of the team they are supporting. I see a loud, obnoxious yelling fool, he obviously thinks he is the coach. There is also the guy that is sitting down not cheering but patiently watching to see if the team is going to come through or not. Differences surround the football field, and that is what makes up the…

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  • Orrin Klapp Definition Of A Hero Essay

    brings in their fans and that can in turn lift them to the status of heroism. I feel it is not just the natural ability of the entertainer that elevates them to the status of hero but also their ability to relate to their fans and have a positive impact on their day to day life. I agree with Klapp in his argument that the fans elevate the individual to the hero status after they have acted early in their career. What keeps them in that…

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  • Use Of Diction In Netherland

    Joseph O’Neill’s, “Netherland,” teaches us about the character of the competitive sport, cricket, and how people specifically behave at the games. O’Neill uses an exciting tone to arouse his audience to be as mentally involved with the sort as the spectators were at the time. The audience of this excerpt is sports fans; O’Neill uses the diction he does to reach out to these audience members and, in turn, they are the ones that are the most intrigued by the excerpt. This also shows that O’Neill’s…

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  • Fitting Scandal: Shattering Expectations

    overwhelmingly negative and prompted reactions from, not only the fans, but also the network itself. The visceral audience reaction and critique in addition to the studio’s counter-posts on various social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc) show contradictory opinions about the unexpected (the abortion) and how the event should be interpreted. The brutal breakup scene that followed the abortion was perceived as “the absolute last straw for another big part of the fandom”, as one…

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  • Ice And Fire Analysis

    those things that seem useful or pleasurable to the reader” (Jenkins 471). Jenkins is not talking about hunting animals, but rather fans of texts or media. In other words, he is saying that fans use texts to create new meanings for themselves that they find more appealing than the original text that is the object of their fanship. Fans, instead of animals, are rather taking parts of a text for their own pleasure. This challenges notions of private property and who has the right to use or…

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