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  • The Importance Of Courage In The Diary Of Anne Frank Play

    Have you ever been in a situation that you feel like doing the right thing, even when others might do something different? Everyone has courage, but what is rare is when people actually show it. In The Diary of Anne Frank Play (written by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett) the Frank family, the Van Daan family, and Mr. Dussel are all Jewish people who need to go into hiding to stay safe during World War 2. Miep Gies is one of the people that helps hide them. Miep shows courage by helping the Franks and Van Daans hide and help to protect them, but by doing this, it risks her life as well. Miep is a very courageous character because she tries to make the best of a bad situation and does the right thing, even when the world tells her differently.…

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  • Morgana Pendragon: A Short Story

    “Round the back. Look at the state of you: did you crawl out of a grave?” “Is there soap?” Morgana said, again struggling to remain polite. “You'll find everything you need outside, round the back, although I'm not sure where you'll find a soul-- looks like you need one!” Ignoring the maid's throaty chuckles, Morgana crept downstairs, hissing in pain as blisters on her feet popped. Sure enough, she found bucket, soap and cloth as expected, and half an hour later, she was considerably…

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  • Middletown High School: A Short Story

    While the office lady and my mother were talking I explored the building from the window in the office. This place doesn’t have walls! The only place with real cement walls was the office but the rest of the school was just separators that look like they could domino effect across the school if someone lost their footing. My mother eventually finished, breaking my daze and escorting me to my first class. It turns out my first class was right across the main office so we just skipped across…

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  • What Is The Role Of Politics In European Politics

    economic and social shifts have complicated the position of left wing parties that are now kind of obliged to change many of their positions and points of view in order to adapt with the emerging global crisis. Some left parties, in countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece and U.K, paid high electoral prices for the unfortunate setback of being in office when the crisis started. In Greece, PASOK was defeated in the latest elections; in Finland, the main left parties scored poorly in the latest…

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  • Herodotus's Immaginative Geography

    outline of the known world at this epoch refuted this complete misreading: “I cannot help laughing at the absurdity of all the map-makers...who show Ocean running like a river round a perfectly circular earth, with Asia and Europe of the same size….the “proper notion of the size and shape of these two continents. Persian territory extends southward to the Red Sea, as it is called; north of them are the Medes, then the Saspires, then the Cholchians, who go as far as the northern sea, where the…

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  • Personal Narrative On Tennis

    “It’s show time.” I collect my things and bound towards the roster table. Through the windscreens on the fence I can see her already walking towards the far right court with our matches’ balls. I expected nothing less from her seeing that she sits at the roster table the whole time continually asking the organizer what number match they are on. I rushed through the gate to indicate I was present then began to walk leisurely to the far right court. I laid my racket case on the benches that…

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  • Summary Of Orientalism By Edward Said

    This book contained three chapters that made up 365 pages. Said argues how European imperialists thought about people of a certain kind in their own colony and how the political culture shaped that colony. Said discusses “knowing the oriental.” He starts by analyzing speeches and writings of two British imperialists of the early 20th century about Egypt, “British knowledge of Egypt is Egypt for Balfour, and the burdens of knowledge make such questions as inferiority and superiority seem petty…

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  • Edward Said's Definition Of Orientalism

    The Ismaiilis are depicted in the book as a minority fighting against the dominant. The Assassins in the medieval myths were perceived from an Orientalist tradition, and then they were enhanced by some ideological implications; to be seen later as predecessors of the modern Islamic terrorism. The Muslim society needs some committed scholars like Bernard Lewis to present the right image of Islam, instead of the distorted image that the Orientalists give about the Orient and…

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  • What Role Does Luck Play In Vreek Survival

    responsibility. (pg. 141) While visiting the market several times, Vladek befriended a woman named Mrs. Motonowa. She offered Vladek and Anja a warmer place to stay in her home. If Vladek had not met that Jewish man who told him of the black market, he probably wouldn’t have found food or warm shelter which saved his and Anja’s life. There are many examples of the role of luck in Vladek’s survival while he was in Auschwitz. One day, a supervisor was demanding to know who could speak English…

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  • Nazi Literature In The Americas Summary

    The book Nazi Literature in the Americas, written by Robert Bolaño, is a collage of biographies written about fake American authors with far right-wing views. For the most part these biographies are independent of one another with very little connection between them. Bolaño uses these independent stories to show different aspects and qualities of these right-wing actions and beliefs. In this essay we will explore how Bolaño uses these authors to both reveal what he considers to be the nature of…

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