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  • The Journey To Knowledge In The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho

    dream of finding treasure, but on the way gained a lot of knowledge about omens (Gods signs) ad personal legends (ones faith or story). While his parents wanted him to become a priest he always wanted to see the world, but his father told him that his family35 were poor and the only way for him to see the world was to become a shepherd: and so he did. He always got the same dream under a sycamore tree next to an abandoned church. In his dream he is at the base of the pyramids and a young boy tells him about treasure, this is what started his adventure. Santiago learned a lot throughout his journey to treasure. In the beginning he followed the omens without noticing. Later he was tested to see if he would stay true to his personal legend. Farther along on he was rewarded for waiting and staying true to the omens with knowledge and in the end he was tested on everything he learned. The first scene that is important in Santiago’s journey to knowledge is when he sleeps under the sycamore tree and has the recurring dream. This scene is important to the plot since it is the first scene and it introduces the sycamore tree where he starts and ends his journey. “The only things that the sheep’s were concerned about were food and water” (7). This quote shows that he was already noticing things and started to think more deeply about life. Sometime later he would realize that humans are the same and either have too much fun and don’t work or work too much and don’t have fun, rarely do…

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  • Woosh Bottle Analysis

    the bottle will travel. The larger the bottle, the farther it travelled. I learned that the chemical reactions in the bottle with the ethanol and the flame creates energy which propels the rocket. The ethanol is also ‘absorbed’ by the fire of the match. If the bottle was larger, it was covered in more ethanol and had more oxygen in it, which would create a larger reaction and produce more energy. When ethanol and oxygen are reacted it is called a combustion the chemical equation is C2H5OH + 3O3…

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  • Personal Faith And Beliefs

    God sent His son to save mankind from their sins and by repenting from those sins and turning towards God and trusting Him entirely, giving their lives over to Him, a person can be saved. Spreading those beliefs throughout the world and throughout this generation are my goals. This generation is traveling down a path that keeps getting farther and farther away from God and I want to do something about it. To be a part of something that is making a difference by developing Christ-centered leaders…

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  • Essay On Transgender Issues In Softball

    Softballs are based on two metrics- Coefficient of Restitution (COR) and compression. COR represents how “bouncy” the ball is. The higher the COR, the more bouncy the ball is and the farther it will fly. The compression is measured of how hard a softball is; the higher the compression, the harder the ball and the farther it will fly. Testing shows a “softball compression had a significant effect on batted ball speed. An increase of 150 PQI in compression resulted in an increase in the batted…

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  • Paper Bullets Experiment: Data Analysis

    when it is launched?” The hypothesis that goes along with that question is, “If a paper bullet has a larger width, then it will travel a shorter distance than a standard paper bullet with a width of 4cm.” Variables in this experiment included independent variable (width of the starting piece of paper used to make a paper bullet), dependent variable (the distance that the paper bullet travels when launched), and the control variables (size/type of rubber band, device used to launch paper bullets,…

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  • Corn Maze Poem Analysis

    uses the paradox “And where you are/Is where you were” (24-25). This paradox is used to make the reader feel that even when they believe the end of the maze is near, it is really farther than it seems. The placement of the paradoxes, with one at the beginning and one at the end, can affect the reader’s understanding of the poem because they have read through the poem and where they began the poem is when they ended the poem (with a paradox). Paradoxes with many ‘w’ sounding words also…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Frisco-Highline Trail

    The Immaculate Trail I embark along the trail almost every day and nature encourages me to become calmer. People pass by me every day and although not all use the trail to relax, they all use the trail in order to experience nature. Some people say that nature is good for the soul and I couldn't agree more. Nature can help people escape from the routine of regular life, whether through viewing the shimmering moon dangling in the night sky untouched by city lights or hearing the faint whistle of…

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  • Buck's Journey In The Call Of The Wild

    of the gold rush in Canada. Never having experienced anything like the gold rush and the piercing Canadian environment, Buck has a rough time adapting, but he quickly catches on and learns the law of ‘club and fang’. Buck journeys along several owners and sees the scenes of various deaths. Buck’s journey is a hard but he toils each day out of his obedience to the law of ‘club and fang’. Even during the harshest of trips, Buck never gives up, until he encounters the pampered and inexperienced…

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  • Golding's Lord Of The Flies: Character Analysis

    Tyesha Brown Ms. Niderpruem English 4 Honors 14 September 2015 Lord of the Flies Character Summary To begin with, one major character in the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding is named Ralph. His hair is quite fair. He is friends with another character called by the name of piggy. At the beginning of chapter it starts off with the conversation of the two boys talking about being in the middle of a war and how a plane gets shot down on a deserted island and the boys get lost and…

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  • Genocide In Elie Wiesel's 'Night'

    Night Essay College Prep Lit Amiah DeWolf The beginning of an appalling genocide came about in 1933. In the year of 1944, Elie Wiesel’s family and himself were pulled out of their home and forced by Germans to give up their humanity. Along with them being stripped of their dignity, the existing bonds between his and other Jewish families were torn apart. Right away the Wiesel family was separated. In his book Night, Elie recalls the moment of division between the men and women in his…

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