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  • The Game Of Fashion

    this game has rules but doesn’t have rules this game is fashion. Coco Chanel one said: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” The way we dress affects our environment around us, what people think of us the first time they see us walking inside a room, fashion separates us in social classes and maybe this why fashion is game. Fashion is something powerful so powerful that millions of people all over the world gather in New York, Milan, Paris, and London just to see in the runways what will be the next season trends and what will…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Air Canada

    SWOT Analysis Zara and Burberry are both companies are in the clothing market however, exist in very different ends of the industry. Burberry is a high-end name brand retailer whereas Zara is a lower end fast fashion retailer. Zara has built its brand through the building blocks of Superior Efficiency and Price. The clothing store has stores in over 2200 stores in 93 countries and is one of the world's leading fast fashion retailers. Instead of focusing on pricey advertising campaigns, Zara…

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  • The Case Study Of Zara In The Fast Fashion Industry

    1. Company overview and description of challenges, Zara faced not long time ago. Zara is considered to be one of the pioneers of fast fashion industry and has been dominating the fashion industry across the world for almost two decades. Zara’s concept, capabilities, and value drivers, as demonstrated through their business model, have proven to be extremely successful. Their focus on the pulse of fashion have made them one of the most successful clothing retails in the world Unlike other…

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  • Marc Jacobs Advertising

    Advertisements may seem straightforward to the consumer, but many actually require extensive curation, as subtle details like color scheme, setting, and strategic placement of the brand name are used to appeal to consumers’ underlying desires for popularity or success and this make the product more enticing. These trends are especially prevalent in ads for luxury items, which carry with them a mystique of sorts in addition to their practical function. Two major high-end fashion houses, Dolce &…

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  • Case Study: Time For Love: Perrelet '

    LUXURY, FASHION & REJUVENATION IN STANDOUT STYLE Time for love (Note to art: Tissot – Use image that say’s Valentine’s) This Valentine’s Day declare your love with the Tissot Bella Ora, a beautiful timepiece inspired by Italy and its romantic cities. With a mother-of-pearl dial, accentuated with pink and red hues, this special-edition model has a natural elegance to it. A perfect accessory, which complements both formal and casual wear, it is an ideal gift for your lady love. Rs 23,200.…

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  • Case Study Of Blazzers

    garments are a world of trends, fashions and styles that concentrates on the development of the present and up-coming garments to the platform. we as a enterprise sell garments of great value and with good blend of colors to the customers. We produce goods of high quality- shirts and trousers made of pure cotton and jean cloth. We concentrate on customers of both middle class and upper class. Our products are mainly for the age group of 17-30 as this age group mainly concentrates on buying…

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  • Christobal Blenciaga Case Study

    He first fashion show took place in the Ave. George location, introducing his Spanish Renaissance influenced couture collection in August of 1937. Many of Christobal’s garments had an interpretation of other styles that were seen as historical. He had become known for a design which was a square coat that had a one piece sleeve with a yoke, it was named the square coat. Balenciaga had become such an icon in the industry that his clients had been willing to make trips to Europe during World War…

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  • Case Analysis Of Zar Fast Fashion

    Global expansion means that Zara needs to carry its business model to America in order to maintain short production and lead times. Building a central distribution center in America will help Zara decrease logistics and help maintain Zara’s model of fast fashion and economies of scale. Zara can strategically locate its central distribution center in or near countries where manufacturing can be done with cheap labor cost (i.e. Mexico or Carribeans). Smaller distribution centers or satellite…

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  • Fast Fashion Industry Analysis

    “Fast fashion isn’t free. Someone, somewhere is paying” a famous quote by Lucy Siegle. Fashion has been a major theme of this century, and has become a way of individual’s expressing themselves and has turned into a recreational activity, but no one actually thinks about what cost society pays for this. Many clothing items bought in the United States today, happen to be manufactured in other countries. The price of clothing has many effects on the world, and might be cheaper in the US because…

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  • Christian Dior Fashion Trends

    Christian Dior’s The Bar Suit (The New Look) of the collection La Ligne Corolle was a significant moment in contemporary fashion. Why was the New Look by Christian Dior a shock for women’s fashion after the World War II? Did it set the tone for the future? The Second World War shook the vast majority of the world’s countries from 1939 to 1945. Immediate effects of the war were seen everywhere; parts of Europe destroyed from war and bombings, bringing countries to debt after spending deficit on…

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