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  • Comparison Of Fast And Furious 7 Vs. Mission Impossible-Rouge Nation

    Fast and Furious 7 VS Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation While it’s been three months since the release of Fast and Furious 7, action thriller fans were excited for the opening of Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation this weekend. There’s no doubt that both franchises have different plots, but other similarities between the two movies are very obvious. The fight scenes action and weapons, the fast cars chasing and crashing with other cars, advanced technology, and the stunts are the most distinguishing characters for both movies. Both movies are very high-octane; the thrilling scenes are very exciting and leave the audiences on the edge of their seats. The directing is top-notch for both movies, and the production was aimed to deliver every picture as close to reality as possible. Fast and Furious 7 uses variety of heavy weaponry throughout the movie; handguns, rifles, snipers, RPG-7, machine guns, a drone equipped with a Minigun, and even a chopper equipped with machine guns and launchers. Beside the chopper, the heaviest weapon used in the movie by an actor was the Minigun from the drone wreckage, which was used by Dwayne Johnson. Almost all of Fast 7 cast members were involved in some fight scene. Jason Statham collided heavily with Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Michelle…

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  • Fast And Furious 5 Analysis

    In 2013, Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel made you believe a man could fly. Now, Justin Lin’s Fast And Furious 5 will make you believe a bus can roll without injuring anyone inside, that a man can be punched through a solid brick wall and still come out the other side unscathed, and that it is possible to keep up with a train in only a muscle car. The film has absolutely no concern for realism, but then again, anyone who has watched the previous four crazy, action-filled films know that the franchise…

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  • The Character Of Dominic Toretto In The Fast And The Furious

    honest coward like the rest of us” (Umberto Eco). Have you ever questioned the role of a character from either a television show, movie, or book? Maybe, the villain doesn’t seem like such a bad guy, but that can’t be because they are the villain of the show, right? Well, little does one know that there are been things as antiheroes. An antihero is basically someone who does the wrong things but comes from good intentions or selfish motives. Antiheroes for the most part are very easy to relate…

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  • Richard Layard's Happiness: Personal Values Of Happiness

    cannot imagine. These needs are expressed through our daily lives. The six human needs need to be satisfied in order for the workplace value to be at its highest potential, however we can come to realize that we have not only demonstrated these needs but we can also see it. You see through movies, TV shows, billboards, etc. I have observed a lot of movies and I have closely observed the way the actors are portrayed. Many movies have main characters who play a specific role, whether it be a good…

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  • Funk Music History

    black pride, played his part by promoting this reclamation through his hit song. Fast forward a decade later, when hip hop is recognized as a full fledged music genre, and the continued tradition of black consciousness shows no signs of slowing down. Again, hip hop music boasts an exhaustive list of conscious lyric riddled songs, even creating its own recognized sub genre, but perhaps the most recognized and celebrated song is Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five’s 1982 hit “The Message”. This…

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  • My First Job

    was looking for my first job, I thought that working would be interesting and fun but oh, boy I was wrong. On the other hand, I liked the idea of being independent and having the opportunity to make my own money and be able to earn it. When you are going to college the best jobs for students is in fast food industry because the turnover is greater. They are more likely to work with your schedule so you can work and go to school. This way you can put little money away to pay for school or other…

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  • Analysis Of The Jungle And Food, Inc.

    only a few companies that control every aspect of the production of our food and they give no say to our farmers. In fact, today the top four beef packing companies control more than 80% of the market. This shows Americans how centralized the power of the food companies is and how deceiving our food is. For example, we may not eat fast food burgers, but the burgers that we buy from the grocery store are most likely coming from the same company. Another important point of information is made is…

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  • The Omnivore's Dilemma, By Michael Pollan

    He says that being able to eat McDonald’s was a treat for his eleven year old son, Isaac, because he doesn’t get the chance to eat from there often. Pollan notes that is not the case for most American children today. “One in three of them eat fast food every single day.” (151). His wife, Judith, was not so impressed with having a fast-food lunch, because that meant giving up a “real meal”. But Isaac brought up an idea that she could order one of McDonald’s “premium salads” with the Paul Newman…

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  • Stereotypes In Fast Food

    In American culture and society, fast food is the most popular and convenient option for people who are on the go or if they just want a cheap and quick meal. In the United States particularly, fast food restaurants are everywhere. McDonald’s, one of the most well known fast food restaurants has served many satisfied customers at various locations in America and in foreign countries. Because of Western culture and influence, McDonald’s has gained many other franchises in the past years in…

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  • How Mcdonalds Conquered India Analysis

    The article “How McDonald 's conquered India” tells how McDonalds was able to penetrate successfully into the Indian market. First let’s revise some facts about McDonalds and India. McDonalds’ is the biggest fast food restaurant in the world, with presence in 119 countries primarily selling hamburgers, French fries and soft drinks as their main menu. India is a country located in Southeast Asia with a population of 1.1 billion people. It has a market based economy since the 90’s and it is…

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