Comparison Of Fast And Furious 7 Vs. Mission Impossible-Rouge Nation

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Fast and Furious 7
Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation While it’s been three months since the release of Fast and Furious 7, action thriller fans were excited for the opening of Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation this weekend. There’s no doubt that both franchises have different plots, but other similarities between the two movies are very obvious. The fight scenes action and weapons, the fast cars chasing and crashing with other cars, advanced technology, and the stunts are the most distinguishing characters for both movies. Both movies are very high-octane; the thrilling scenes are very exciting and leave the audiences on the edge of their seats. The directing is top-notch for both movies, and the production was aimed to deliver every picture as close to reality as possible. Fast and Furious 7 uses variety of heavy weaponry throughout the movie; handguns, rifles, snipers, RPG-7, machine guns, a drone equipped with a Minigun, and even a chopper equipped with machine guns and launchers. Beside the chopper, the heaviest weapon used in the movie by an actor was the Minigun from the drone wreckage, which was used by Dwayne Johnson. Almost all of Fast 7 cast members were involved in some fight scene. Jason Statham collided heavily with Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Michelle
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This technology is similar to CBS’s hit drama Person of Interest; it uses spy software to locate any person that is spotted by any camera. MI – Rouge Nation keeps the tradition of the franchise with all the secret devices and spy-like equipment throughout the movie. The BMW M3 was modified to look like a high-tech civilized car; the windows were touchscreen and the doors unlock by hand fingerprints. As seen throughout previous Mission Impossible movies, the mask printing machine was used in Rouge – Nation as well. Tom Cruise gives the audience a hint that he’s the American 007

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