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  • City Hunter Analysis

    In the first scene, Jackie was fighting with the bad guy in the long hair. While fight, the girl try to interrupt the City Hunter by telling multiple questions if city hunter loves her. Then, with Jackie was being distracted a lot, he got punch right in the face. In the Second punch right to Jackie face again he suddenly yells out the word “Moran” to the other fighter. Suddenly, she got upset because she thought he was calling her “Moran” to her instead of the guy fighting Jackie Chan. This Scene goes into the category of Communication is Irreversible because he shouts the word “Moran” after he got punch in the face but she thought he calling her instead then she start pounding on the collar wall. In addition, he shout the word because he got annoyed when he got punch a lot of…

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  • Jackie Chan Case Study

    152441T MS1502 HEADLINE: HOW TO MEET JACKIE CHAN STANDFIRST: FAHIM FADZIL SHARES WITH US HIS EXPERIENCE IN TEP THAT ALLOWED HIM TO DO MORE THAN HE EVER IMAGINED It was twelve in the afternoon when Jackie Chan, a renowned Hong Kong action-movie star, arrived at Nanyang Polytechnic in Singapore to educate the students about an anti-drug campaign. His entrance scene into the lucky school depicted sardines in a can, with the bustling crowd squeezing and elbowing their way through to catch even…

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  • Action For The Droid: Film Analysis

    Everyone loves a good robot fight, and that is exactly what Director Neil Blomkamp had in mind when he brought Grant Hulley on to stunt coordinate Chappie. Set in South Africa, the film takes place in the future where crime is patrolled by an oppressive mechanized police force. Chappie, a robot, gets stolen and reprogrammed. The result is a robot who can think and feel for himself. You have now worked with Director Neill Blomkamp twice. What is it like working with him? Does he have any…

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  • Comparison Of Fast And Furious 7 Vs. Mission Impossible-Rouge Nation

    Fast and Furious 7 VS Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation While it’s been three months since the release of Fast and Furious 7, action thriller fans were excited for the opening of Mission Impossible - Rouge Nation this weekend. There’s no doubt that both franchises have different plots, but other similarities between the two movies are very obvious. The fight scenes action and weapons, the fast cars chasing and crashing with other cars, advanced technology, and the stunts are the most…

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  • The Surgical Self Analysis

    If there is one essential element to contribute a strong performance on stage, the relationship with scene partners will be my primary concern. With all the advises from different professors, I am always instructed to put my scene partner as the priority in any circumstances. The philosophy of this technique provokes the basic practice in human relationship. One does not hold the authority unless the others allow you to, it is like a king will not be a king unless the community allows you to do…

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  • Diversity In Hollywood Essay

    has been made about the lack of diversity in their films. The problem, known as whitewashing, is being called out more and demanding a transition of the industry. Whitewashing takes away opportunities from minorities, misrepresents minorities, and ignores that diversity sells. Roles made for characters of color are hard to come by so when they are erased from scripts, and replaced with white actors, it enforces the idea that minorities aren’t relatable to the common people. With shows such as…

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  • Charlie Gordon's Identity In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

    The past plays a vital role in one’s development by forming a person’s identity in society. Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes shows how the protagonist, Charlie Gordon, tries to change the way he is viewed in society. Through a surgery, Charlie Gordon had been transformed from being mentally incapacitated to an individual that has a highly developed, profound mind. His intelligence gives Charlie the ability to be aware of the world by seeing concepts in new ways. When Charlie first starts to…

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  • Charlie Gordon In Flowers For Algernon

    The past plays a vital role in one’s development by demonstrating a person’s identity in society. Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes shows how the protagonist, Charlie Gordon, tries to change the way he is viewed in society from a mentally incapacitated individual to having a highly developed, profound mind. Give more background: An example of this is revealed after he speaks to Alice Kinnian and feels slightly rejected and says: “One of the things that confuses me is never really knowing…

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  • Analysis: How Did Baseball Become America's Pastime

    safely in 56 consecutive games, and 41-year-old pitcher Lefty Grove earned his 300th career win (Bedingfield, 2014). Despite this, the call to serve their country overcame the desire to play ball. According to Weintraub (2013), more than 500 major league players served during World War II, and some did not survive. Great players such as Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Hank Greenberg, and Joe DiMaggio, famously served in the war. When baseball resumed following the end of the war, the game and the…

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  • Jackie Robinson's Impact On Society

    April 15, 1947, a young man from Georgia stepped onto the field, he made history. Jackie Robinson was an African American baseball player who starred in the major leagues from 1947 to 1957. What made his career special was he was extraordinary at the game as well as being the first African American to play the game. He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers as well as the Kansas City Monarchs in the “Negro League”. This is important because Jackie Robinson led the way for many other African Americans…

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